Looking Back at 2015 – My Tops and Favorites

ChristyHappy New Years Eve! Today, we say goodbye to 2015 as 2016 peeks around the corner. Mom says time is just flying by. I don’t really get that, but I know it means something to the humans.

It’s hard to believe I am already a third of the way into my second year of blogging. For my blogoversary in August, I wrote a review of my first year, highlighting some of my accomplishments. It was my third most popular post of the year. With 2015 coming to an end, since my blogoversary post looked at accomplishments, I thought I would look at some statistics for the year.

Top Posts

It came as no surprise that my top post for the year was for the big giveaway I participated in during the summer. It was my very first giveaway and it was so much fun to be involved in such a big one. The top prize was a $400 gift card! My top five posts after that one were:Flat Christy on the CatastrophiCreations.com Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken – My Raw Food Diet
It’s My Blogoversary!
Gotcha Day/Birthday Celebration and Giveaway
Flat Christy Reporting from BlogPaws
Raw Food Diet — Easier than You Think!


Since I have visitors from all over the world, I thought it would be fun to know where they live. During the year, I had visitors from 77 countries! The majority were from:Map

USA – Nearly 2/3 of my visitors were from the US.

Top Commenters

I get so excited when my visitors not only take the time to read my posts but also leave me a comment. I have a lot of blogging friends who visit and comment regularly. These were my top commenters for 2015:Summer and Janiss

The Island Cats
Miss Ellen from 15andmeowing
Dezi and Lexi from Deziz World
Purrince Siddhartha and his LadyMum
Shoko and Kali from The Canadian Cats

I hope you don’t think you need to have a blog to comment! Anyone can leave me a comment, even if it is just to say hello! I love to hear from you.

Some of My Favorite Photos

This was just about the hardest for me! Mom takes some great photos of us in spite of our lack of cooperation and we are, after all, to borrow a word from my friend CK, STUNNING.

Contemplating - Adopt a Shelter Pet
I'm so excited to be part of The Super Sized Pet Blogger Summer Giveaway!
Caturday Art: Affection from Ocean?
Echos Bday 154_1597
Echo whiskers
Whiskers Ocean

Some of My Favorite Posts

blog4peaceI work really hard on all my posts so it wasn’t easy to pick favorites but a few did stand out for me.

Waste Not, Want Not
Queen of the House
BlogPaws Conference Preparation
Cats and Water – 8 ways to get them to drink more
What IS That Thing?
Remembering Hollywood Nights — Part 1
Be the Change – Spay or Neuter – Spread the Word
5 Things to do Before Disaster Strikes — Cat Disaster Preparedness
14 Ways to Help Your Local Shelter or Rescue Group
What’s That on Your Chin, Ocean?

Mom said I had to stop at 10! We had a great time looking back at all the posts from last year and rereading many of them. It reminded me how grateful I am to have a warm, loving home and to have all of you as friends and furiends. I wish you all a happy, safe and plentiful New Year!

Love from your friend,

Christy Paws

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15 Responses to Looking Back at 2015 – My Tops and Favorites

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  2. Glad to see we were one of your top commentators, Christie. Maybe this means we talk a lot…hehe

    Shoko and Kali

  3. That has been a wonderful year for you, Christy and such a pawsome resumé. Fresh Pawkisses are on the way for a Happy and Healthy New Year 🙂 <3

  4. You’ve had an awesome year! Wishing you a wonderful 2016. Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year, Christy!! You had a great year, and this is a great post to finish it off! We can learn a lot from you! Smooches!

  6. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys !!! we see trout towne on yur map…how kewl iz that !!!

    A most happee healthee new yeer two ewe all, and heerz two an emperor bream….
    hillstreet loach…… kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. Ellen Pilch says:

    I am happy to be a top commenter 🙂 Phoebe thanks you for wearing her bikini even though you looked better in it than she did. Happy and healthy 2016 to you and your family! XO

  8. Summer says:

    I’ve so enjoyed visiting your blog in 2015 – and I enjoyed seeing your human in person not once, but twice this year! Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing lots of you in 2016!

  9. Dat’s pawsum Christy. Weez so glad to have met you all in blogville and fur da real. We’re fankful fur yous furiendship too. We purray yous New year is blest.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. What wonderful, wonderful accomplishments! Here’s to an even better 2016! Happy New Year!

  11. Brian Frum says:

    Sounds like a bang up 2015 fur sure, here’s to another one. Happy New Years Eve sweet friends!

  12. It sure was a great year! Here’s to 2016…and that it is even better! Happy New Year!

  13. Wonderful review ! Mum has all your raw food posts bookmarked, just in case… Best wishes for 2016 and Happy Mew Year ! Purrs

  14. What a fun wrap-up. You sure have had an eventful year! The head peep wants you to know that your raw food posts were part of what finally pushed her into moving (the less stubborn two of) us to raw and even making our own for the first time… something we haven’t talked much about yet but hope to in the coming year. Thanks for inspiring us!

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