My First Time Taking the Pet Blogger Challenge

I first read about the 2016 Pet Blogger Challenge, hosted by, a few days ago on Facebook. I answered some of these questions in my Looking Back at 2015 — My Tops and Favorites post, but it never hurts to take another look at things. I missed posting this in time to join the linkup (See #10!) but thought you might like to read the answers anyway.

Christy - My First Time Taking the Pet Blogger Challenge

So much to think about!

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone who is visiting for the first time, please give a quick description of the subject of your blog.

I started blogging in August of 2014. Mom was doing more educational writing on three other blogs. She was having health issues and wanted to lighten things up a bit. I mostly blog about my daily life with my two adopted brothers. I get serious every now and then, but mostly I have fun.

2. What is the one thing that you accomplished during 2015, either on your blog or because of it, that made you most proud?

I became an advo-CAT for A-Pal Humane Society and work with them to help homeless kitties find their forever families. I hope to improve upon and expand this relationship in 2016.

3. Which of your blog posts was your favorite this year and why? (Please include a link.)What is it

In my recap post, I couldn’t pick a favorite and listed 10 that I really liked. Out of that list, I think I would pick What IS that thing? as my favorite. Once I got over my skepticism, I loved that toy and really enjoyed writing about it. It is still one of our favorite toys. I’m also proud of my educational posts and plan to do more of those this year.

4. A common theme from last year’s challenge was that many of us wanted to increase the size of our audiences. Whether or not we intend to monetize our blogs, it seems we’d all like to reach more people. It feels good to know that we’re connecting with others, sharing a laugh or supporting a cause, and it’s motivating to see those numbers grow! What is one thing you’ve done in the past year that has brought more traffic to your blog?

The thing that seems to bring the most traffic on a temporary basis is giveaways. I think the single thing that brings consistent traffic to my blog is engaging more — both on my blog and in social media. I’m a little shy so, in the beginning, I read blogs and social media posts but didn’t comment much. Now, I try to comment often, even if it is not every time I read.

5. Which of your blog posts got the most traffic this year? Why do you think it was so popular? (Please include a link.)

My blog post that got the most traffic, by far, was the big pet blogger giveaway I participated in during the summer. Obviously, people like the chance to win and this one had a pretty big first prize – a $400 Visa card. The post that got the second highest number of visitors was one of my favorites – Chicken, Chicken, Chicken — My Raw Food Diet. I love telling people about the benefits of raw feeding.

6. What is one blog that you read religiously – other than your own – and what makes you such a devoted reader? (Please include a link.)

I have a long list of blogs I follow and I try to read each one as often as possible. There are so many wonderful kitties out there, as well as some other cool anipals, that it would be impossible for me to pick just one. Some I admire for the great photography, some for the educational information, some for the creativity and, of course, for the humor. Each blog has something different to offer.

7. What resources do you rely on to enhance your technical, writing, photography, social media, or other skills that improve your blog?

Search engines, of course, are my best friend when it comes to researching for an educational post. I read blogs, attend webinars and hangouts, and watch tutorials on YouTube. I soak up everything I can but there just isn’t as much time as I’d like to spend on this type of thing. There’s always more to learn! One of our goals for this year is to improve our photography. Mom does a pretty good job but lighting and appropriate sets can be a problem in our house.

8. What is the best piece of advice you can offer other bloggers?

Have fun and don’t force yourself to write because you think you need to do it. I did that for a while and I wasn’t having so much fun anymore. Now I only write four days a week on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (yes, this is an extra post – I might do that once in a while) and try to visit my friends more.

9. What is your vision for your blog in 2016? Do you have specific goals?

Mom and I did sit down and make a bit of a plan for 2016. Of course, we want to grow our audience. After all, that’s why I’m here. It’s more fun to write and share when you know people are reading. I plan to go to BlogPaws in Phoenix in June. Mom and flat me went last year. They had a blast and learned so much. I want to go this year so I can meet my blogging friends and personally engage with more brands. I want to write more sponsored posts in 2016 and develop relationships with brands I especially like.

10. You have the attention of the pet blogging community – is there one blogging challenge you’d like help with, or one aspect of your blog that you’d like input on?

Consistency, which is closely tied with time management, is our biggest challenge. We hope to improve that this year by writing less often, or at least feeling like we have to write! We would love any ideas from long-time bloggers for how they find time to do everything.

Hope 2016 is your best year ever.

Christy Paws

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18 Responses to My First Time Taking the Pet Blogger Challenge

  1. Pallergy says:

    Seeing pet bloggers doing some alternative challenge for their pet is amazing. Sharing ideas with each other and complementing what their pet do to entertain the crowd is a great thing. Our pet could be easily train just keep your care and love for them.

  2. Wee luvss yur bloggie Christy an Ocean an Echo an Lady Ava!!!!
    Yur thee BEST!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~ an ((hugs)) LadyMum

  3. Great answers!
    I wish I had some great advice as to how to balance blogging with everything else, but I don’t. I struggle to make time for it all, too. I do try to do lighter posts on weeks where I have major giveaways or sponsored posts so I can always do my absolute best on those posts. Looking forward to what you have in store for this year!

  4. Summer says:

    Great answers, and I am sure you will ace your plans for 2016! I’m looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix, Christy!

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    Awesome job, Christy! We loved your answers, and look forward to all you have planned for 2016. 🙂

  6. We love your blog, Christy! We look forward to what 2016 holds for you and your family!

  7. Ellen Pilch says:

    I enjoyed your answers. Your raw feeding posts are very informative and I hope to switch over to raw someday. Thank you for the kind words you left on the passing of Stinky. XO

  8. Great reading your post today! Hope you make it to BlogPaws and have a great time this year!

  9. Kitties Blue says:

    Enjoyed reading this and finding out your future goals. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. We loved your answers. What you have said is so true.
    We adore reading your blog and feel like we know the whole family.

    Your friend,

    Shoko, Kali and Jean

  11. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…..grate anwserz two de challenge, w N joyed reedin em …az we due yur blog….. but troo lee….say it iznt sew…KNOT DE

    CHCKN POST !!!!!!!!

    🙂 ♥♥♥♥

  12. I am giving you a standing ovation for this reply: “8. What is the best piece of advice you can offer other bloggers?

    Have fun and don’t force yourself to write because you think you need to do it. I did that for a while and I wasn’t having so much fun anymore. Now I only write four days a week on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (yes, this is an extra post – I might do that once in a while) ”

    I started blogging years ago and adhered to Mon, Wed, Fri…then it mushroomed….now, I am going back to the same thing you are doing (for the same reasons) and am only doing Mon, Wed, Fri (and other days only when necessary)

    I think if many were honest with themselves (those who blog 6 and 7 days a week), they would see that at least two of those days were completely unnecessary. There are few blogs (frankly, I can’t think of ANY…) that are consistently good 6 or 7 days (including my OWN!)

  13. We enjoyed reading your answers, Christy. You’ve done well with your blog so far…we wish you great things for 2016!

  14. Brian Frum says:

    Those were great answers. Your blog is really cool. What I do doesn;’t work for everyone, but I write all my blogs for the week on Sunday. That way I have more time to visit and be social throughout the week.

  15. mariodacat says:

    We love your blog, but we just don’t get here very often because M has serious back issues and can’t sit for more than a half hour or so at a time. It limits the amount of time we can spend writing my blog and also limits how many blogs we can read. Thanks for putting up with us and know we would visit more often if we could.

  16. Deziz World says:

    Pawsum posty Christy. We so hope we can go to BlogPaws this year and meet you. Have a gweat day and a pawsum bloggin’ year.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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