Why I Went to the Vet on My Road Trip

I never did tell you why I went to the vet during my big road trip to the BlogPaws conference in Arizona. Mom was waiting for some information from my vet on stomatitis in cats but he hasn’t had time to put it together. Since today is Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, mom thought it would be a good time to go ahead and tell you about it anyway.

Why I Went to the Vet on My Road Trip - Stomatitis in Cats

Mom took this photo about a month after my surgery. You can see I have no teeth behind my fangs but my gums look nice and pink, not red.

Stomatitis in Cats

Mom has known for a while that I had gingivitis or probably even stomatitis. Stomatitis in cats is an inflammation of the gums and mucous membranes. It can be very painful. Mom tells me no one seems to know what causes feline stomatitis but that it may be an allergic reaction to the plaque on our teeth. All vets and researchers know is that it is an abnormal immune system response. They suspect that viruses play a part but no studies have proven that.

Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day InfographicThe treatment for severe cases can include frequent teeth cleaning, daily brushing (yeah, right!), antibiotics and steroids (which give no long-lasting results), and plaque-reducing water additives. This treatment is frustrating for everyone because it often does not work.

For the last couple of years I have had that telltale little red line on my gums. The red line was very narrow and would come and go. It never really bothered me. Some of the typical symptoms of stomatitis in cats are weight loss and reluctance to eat but, believe me, not much keeps me from eating.

Mom monitored my condition and it never seemed to get worse. When it would flare up a little, mom gave me l-lysine and that seemed to help. I would only let her see my front gums, though. I never let her open my mouth for a good look.

Several months before the BlogPaws conference, the red started getting worse and a few times I actually didn’t feel like eating for a couple of meals. I even woke up drooling once in a while. YUCK! How unladylike!

No More Putting it Off!

One day, I yawned a really super yawn and mom was in just the right spot to see my back teeth and she freaked. She said, “That’s it! No more putting it off.” Well, I wondered what “it” was but she didn’t tell me. She didn’t even tell me I had an appointment to see the vet when we were in Southern California. I thought we were on vacation so it was quite a surprise when she took this kitty to the vet!

Now, if I wasn’t happy with the first visit (I hissed at the vet when he wasn’t even in the room), imagine my shock when she took me a second time on our way home from BlogPaws. And she LEFT me there! They did all kinds of poking and prodding and then I got real sleepy. When I woke up, most of my teeth were gone! I did get to keep my fangs but sometimes kitties even have to have those removed eventually. Mom told me about this treatment for stomatitis a long time ago. We had two foster kitties who had to have their teeth removed but I had no idea that is what was in store for me.

Other than the surprise of the situation, I wasn’t too upset about it. I got some stuff for the pain and to keep from getting an infection. I went back to the hotel room that night and ate my dinner with no problems.

Back at the hotel room after my surgery for stomatitis

Mom and I just got back to the hotel room after she picked me up from the vet after my surgery.

So, why did mom put my surgery off? Well, it seems humans have a thing about not wanting to have their kitties’ teeth pulled out unless they absolutely have to. They think they won’t be able to eat or something but kitties can get along fine without their teeth. The sooner it is done, the more likely a kitty will have a good recovery and not continue to have problems.

Day after surgery selfie

The day after my surgery I was taking selfies

I even had KFC the day after my surgery!

I’m a new cat now. My mouth isn’t sore and I even like for mom to scratch my jaws and chin. I haven’t liked that for quite a while. So, kitties, if you hear your humans talking about stomatitis and getting your teeth extracted, don’t worry, you’ll be fine and happier for it.

Christy with Dr. Vedadi

Here I am with my wonderful vet, Dr. Vedadi, when I went for my check up just before we headed home

Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day is a good day to remind your humans to take you for regular vet check ups.

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Why I Went to the Vet on My Road Trip - Stomatitis in CatsHave a healthy and happy week!

Christy Paws

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41 Responses to Why I Went to the Vet on My Road Trip

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  3. I have not ever heard about stomatitis in cats. It is so strange. I am glad that you are better now.

  4. Connie says:

    Glad you are feeling better and how awesome that you had KFC 🙂

  5. Oh your poor poor teeth!

  6. I’ve never heard of stomatitis in cats! It’s so tough to brush teeth for an animal, hope you can find ways to keep up with your improved dental health. 🙂 Good on mom for taking you in for care!

  7. Sorry to hear you had to go to the Vet during your Blogpaws trip… not what the doctor ordered!!! Glad you have such a caring human tho, and thanks for the info on Stomatitis… we hadn’t heard of it!

  8. Sadie says:

    Wow, you’re so beautiful, even the day after surgery! That must have been so painful. I’m sure you feel better now. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. I’m sorry you had to get your teeth removed but I’m glad you feel better! Mr. N had to have teeth removed last year too.

  10. Dash Kitten Crew says:

    wow you ARe a brave girl and this is a great post! I know our buddy on Twitter Maro da cat had his teeth pulled and he does fine. I know what you mean about mums and Dads and pet teeth though!

  11. Ruth Epstein says:

    Am so happy you feeling better, you are lucky to have such a great Mom

  12. Cathy Armato says:

    Well, you’ve had quite an ordeal with those teeth of yours! I hate dealing with teeth, mine or my pets! It’s so stressful. I’m glad your tooth ordeal went well!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  13. Robin says:

    I am so glad you are feeling better, Christy! I understand how your Mom was feeling too. Us humans are very concerned about having surgeries done on our kitties. We don’t want to make a mistake. It looks like your Mom made a great choice (Dexter says he’s jealous of the KFC).

  14. At first I thought it was a stomach issue. Glad your mouth is better and sorry you had that on your BlogPaws trip. Great information. My cat Nala had terrible teeth issues.

  15. Glad to hear everything went well. I heard about this while watching one of the vet shows on Animal Planet this weekend.

  16. Michaela says:

    Oh, my gosh! Highlight of the article was the KFC treat. Loved it! And WHAT a gorgeous cat.

  17. Great Post. I’m sharing this with my husband….who thinks the cats don’t need to go to the vet!!

  18. I’m so glad your mouth is better. You must have been uncomfortable.

  19. Sally Hummel says:

    Not being a cat owner, this was a very interesting read for me! I’m so surprised that you can eat with no difficulty having no teeth! I’m so glad that you feel better now, and your selfie after surgery was very spiffy!!

  20. Hello All,
    Tucker here! I had the same surgery and after have 3 teeth pulled I recovered quickly and am the healthy, happy, 16-pound cross-eyed Alpha of the house.

  21. Jana Rade says:

    One never knows when they might need a vet or emergency vet on their travels. Every time we go anywhere, I map out emergency vets along the way as well as a regular and emergency vet at the destination.

    I’m glad you’re feeling all better now.

  22. Sonja says:

    I have a yearly physical done and I see a canine dental specialist 2 times a year (tiny dogs = bad teeth). It’s always good to get checked out!

  23. KFC sounds like a perfect way to recover from surgery! Glad you are doing better!

  24. It sounds like a rough time, but we’re glad you’re doing so much better now. KFC no doubt helped your road to recovery – yum!

  25. Oh this is such an important post! My vet actually had a cat with stomatitis and she went to the dental specialist- she ended up having almost all her teeth removed as a result. She also recovered well and is feeling much better now. It’s good for folks to understand more about this.

  26. Nichole says:

    Glad you got all fixed up and your surgery made you a new cat! Thanks to your Mom for great tips and info.

  27. Raven says:

    Fewer teeth is definitely better than pain-causing teeth. I’m glad all went well and you’re feeling better.

  28. Bear has dental issues too. I noticed blood on one of his favorite toys when he was still a kitten – but I chalked it up to rough play. A year later, he lost his first tooth. Over the last 8+ years, I’ve brushed his teeth every day and he’s still lost them. The vet never said it was stomatitis. The worst part of it is that upon a visual examination, the vet will say “oh, yeah, there’s a little inflammation there … nothing to worry about.” and it’s not until they really investigate with under anesthesia that they say, “oh! OOOOHHHHH! There’s a POCKET under this tooth!” One tooth fell out at home on it’s own after the vet assured me it was irritation from kibble. I frequently hear from people that they had no idea cats need dental care. Awareness of that is one of the goals of our blog!

  29. I’m glad you’re feeling better. You look so beautiful in your “day after” selfie.

  30. Wes is glad yous is feeling better with most of your teefers gone, Christy. Lita is missing 9 teef, but mes has only had to have two pulled, MOL!

  31. Great information ! We’re glad everything went well for you. You’re right, it’s better to have no teeth and healthy gums than a sore mouth. Our Angel Isis had no teeth anymore at 4 years old (except the fangs, just like you), and she had no problem to eat. Purrs

  32. oh you poor sweetie!!!!!!!! I agree that this is a fabulous post but more importantly, thank goodness you are now ok!!!! xoxo

  33. Summer says:

    I’m glad having your teeth out made you feel so much better, Christy! Maybe next time they have BlogPaws close enough for you to come, you can enjoy it lots more – I bet you weren’t feeling in tip top shape with those teeth.

  34. Sorry you had to have your teefies pulled, but so glad you are feeling so much better. Tell your Mom thanks for all the great info!

  35. Deziz World says:

    Sorry you had to go to da VET Christy, but havin’ no teefies is no purroblem. Sis Lexi did amazin’ without hers. We’s glad you’re gonna be healthier now.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  36. Deerest Christy that iss sum story!! Wee are so glad you are all right now….
    LadyMum finkss mee mite have that all so. Mee had Juvenile Gingyvitis. When mee went to thee Vet fur mee Rabiess shot thee Vet did check mee teeth an mouth an said mee iss ok butt LadyMum sayss mee breath iss not so fresh……
    Mee iss goin to have a talk with her about yur bloggie….
    Yur such a true-purr deer friend!
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  37. Brian Frum says:

    We are sure happy that you are feeling better now that the pain is gone. You sure had some amazing Vet there in California!

  38. Ellen Pilch says:

    I am glad you are all better now. The tooth fairy needs to send you a gift., I better get crocheting.

  39. We’re glad you’re doing better now, Christy. This is really good info. At my last vet visit my vet said I had some gingivitis. We’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  40. Christy, we’re glad you’re doing so much better without all those bad teeth. And we know kitties can do quite well without teeth. Thanks for all the good info, too.

  41. Kitties Blue says:

    Excellent post with lots of great information. We are happy that everything went well for you. That KFC sounds like a great treat. We’ve never had any. Loved your photos today. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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