The Secret is Out: Why My Weight Loss Diet Didn’t Work

Did you know that the secret to weight loss for kitties is the same as for humans? Read on to find out why my cat diet for weight loss didn't work.

I have a funny story to tell you. It’s been a secret but I guess it won’t be after I tell you about it.

If you’ve ever met me or really looked at some of my photos, you know I’m not the most svelte kitty out there. I’ve never had … Continue reading

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BlogPaws Swag Giveaway and Celebration

Happy Independence Day! Today is also our big birthday/gotcha day celebration. We're having a BlogPaws swag GIVEAWAY! Come enter for a chance to win.

Today is a big day around our house. Not only is it our country’s birthday, it is the day I celebrate my birthday and Echo and Ocean celebrate their gotcha day. You can read here why we celebrate on the Fourth.

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Caturday Art: Hungry Kitty

What's this hungry kitty doing?

You know how the humans say you shouldn’t shop when you are hungry? Mom said maybe she shouldn’t work on Caturday art just before dinner. Those tri-tips do look pretty good to a hungry kitty. No need to cook them for me though. I’ll take them just the way they … Continue reading

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