Do Cats Really Like Fish?

Ocean eating Primal sardine grind

Do Cats Really Like FishDo cats really like fish? I ask this question because it came up at our house this past week. The answer to this question in our house is, it depends.Primal Sardine Grind

Mom got us some Primal sardine grind at our local store where she gets our raw meat. Since we love an occasional treat of tuna, she thought we would love this. Ocean dove right into it and licked his plate clean. Echo and I weren’t so sure. I licked it a little and Echo (Mr. Picky) just walked away. Now mind you, this was totally different from what we are used to eating. It … Continue reading

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6 + 1 Essential Raw Diet Supplements for Cats

Essential raw food supplements for cats

Essential Raw Diet Supplements for CatsMost kitty parents have at least heard that kitties are “obligate carnivores” but do you really know what that means? Quite simply, it means that we are meat eaters. It means we eat meat and only meat (including organs and bones). We don’t need fiber. Our bodies aren’t designed for it. We don’t have the enzyme needed to digest it and so fiber can cause digestive issues. That includes all those grains you find in commercial pet food as well as those fruits and vegetables. I know, you think if fruits and vegetables are good for you they must be good for us, but, no. Now, I know the next thing you are probably going to say is, “but what about the grains in the … Continue reading

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Chicken, Chicken, Chicken – My Raw Food Diet

Tongue 032315 231I don’t think there is anything more basic or important to a cat than food, and I am no exception. It is definitely a motivator. Mom has to watch me because if I get a chance, I will eat anything and everything left by Echo or Ocean. I eat faster than them and sometimes push them off their food when mom turns her back! Maybe that is because our food is so delicious! You see, mom has been feeding us a raw food diet for several years now.

I know this is a controversial issue for some but it really doesn’t need to be. Miss Robin of Playful Kitty wrote a great post recently called The Debate Over the Raw Food Diet … Continue reading

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