BlogPaws Swag Giveaway and Celebration

Happy Independence Day! Today is also our big birthday/gotcha day celebration. We're having a BlogPaws swag GIVEAWAY! Come enter for a chance to win.

Today is a big day around our house. Not only is it our country’s birthday, it is the day I celebrate my birthday and Echo and Ocean celebrate their gotcha day. You can read here why we celebrate on the Fourth.

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Caturday Art: Ocean Celebrates his Birthday with Fresh Catnip

Today is Ocean’s birthday. We don’t know his actual birth date, but mom made a best guess for each of us so we would have an official day to celebrate and this is Ocean’s day! He is an obnoxious, sassy boy … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies: Echo’s Birthday

Sunday Selfies: Echo's Birthday

Today is a special selfie Sunday for us. It is the day that mom guestimated for Echo’s birthday and he is six years old today. Although he and Ocean annoy the heck out of me sometimes, he can be pretty sweet for a mancat and … Continue reading

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