My First Car Ride in Over a Year

Christy in her carrier

Christy sleeping in leopard harness prepping for- My First Car Ride in Over a YearMom has really been trying to work with me to get me ready for the BlogPaws conference in June. I’ve been wearing my harness a lot but what I need to work on now is getting out of the house and around people. The problem is, it hasn’t stopped raining, and even snowing, in weeks. When we have one or two days without rain, mom has outdoor chores to do and then it starts raining again. Mom says we can’t complain though. After four years of drought, we need all the rain and snow we can get.

A couple of weeks ago, mom finally decided to take me out on a … Continue reading

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5 Things to do Before Disaster Strikes — Cat Disaster Preparedness

Cats-in-crates - 5 Things to do Before Disaster Strikes -- Cat Disaster PreparednessSeptember was National Preparedness Month. We didn’t write about it at the time — we got to live it. When the Butte Fire broke out on the afternoon of September 10th, mom knew we might have to evacuate. By the next morning, it was becoming a real probability so she started getting some things together like important papers and the computers and camera equipment. Late that morning she learned that we would definitely be evacuated and things got into full swing. We then had about two hours before we would have to leave.

Mom had our carriers ready and handy. She closed us in the family room and put the carriers in there with the doors open. … Continue reading

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I Have a New Identity — ID Tags for Cats

OK, well, not really a new identity, just a new ID tag. Actually, I’ve had it for a while but I forgot to tell you about it. Back when we knew we were moving and mom wanted me to start going places with her, she got me an ID tag. Only trouble is, she thought we were moving to Orange, CA, so that’s what my tag said.

New ID tagsInstead, mom ended up “retiring” and moving to northern California so we needed new tags. Mom likes these tags from the pet store because they are convenient and you get them on the spot, but they are limited. As you can see, CA would not fit on the new tags. Her name and … Continue reading

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Where’s Your ID Tag?

ID tag for identification

Boy, mom is really taking this “safe while traveling” thing pretty seriously. A few days ago, she made sure my microchip information was all recorded properly and up to date. Yesterday, I got a new collar. Really, is this necessary? The collar felt weird at first too, like the harness, but I got used to it pretty quickly. It doesn’t grab me around my chest. Mom thought that maybe if I get used to the collar, the harness will be easier. Time will tell.

ID tags for catsWhen she put the collar on, the confusing part was the dangly thing hanging from it that mom said was my ID tag. It’s to tell people how to contact her if I should accidentally escape. Right now, I can’t imagine that happening. If … Continue reading

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