The Secret is Out: Why My Weight Loss Diet Didn’t Work

Did you know that the secret to weight loss for kitties is the same as for humans? Read on to find out why my cat diet for weight loss didn't work.

I have a funny story to tell you. It’s been a secret but I guess it won’t be after I tell you about it.

If you’ve ever met me or really looked at some of my photos, you know I’m not the most svelte kitty out there. I’ve never had the slim waist like my brofurs Echo and Ocean. This is evident even in this photo from the BlogPaws conference in Phoenix in 2016 when I weighed about 11 fluffy pounds.

BlogPaws Conference, Phoenix, AZ, 2016 - Why my cat diet for weight loss didn't work

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a napping kind of kitty. If I were a human, I guess you’d call me a couch potato.

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Why I Went to the Vet on My Road Trip

Continue reading to find out why I went to the vet on my big road trip to BlogPaws in Arizona and to learn more about stomatitis in cats.

I never did tell you why I went to the vet during my big road trip to the BlogPaws conference in Arizona. Mom was waiting for some information from my vet on stomatitis in cats but he hasn’t had time to put it together. Since today is Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, mom thought it would be a good time to go ahead and tell you about it anyway.

Stomatitis in Cats

Mom has known for a while that I had gingivitis or probably even stomatitis. Stomatitis in cats is an inflammation of the gums and mucous membranes. It can be very painful. Mom tells me no one seems to know what causes feline stomatitis but that it may be an allergic reaction to the plaque on our teeth. All vets and researchers know is that it is an abnormal immune system response. They suspect that … Continue reading

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Benefits of a Pet Water Fountain

Kitties don't have a strong drive to drink water which can lead to serious health problems. A pet water fountain can encourage them to drink more water.

I’ve been saying for the longest time that I want a water fountain. Ever since mom went to BlogPaws last year and came home telling me about all the cool fountains she saw, I’ve wanted one.

Kitties don't have a strong drive to drink water which can lead to serious health problems. A pet water fountain can encourage them to drink more water.I know how important hydration is for us kitties and how hard it is for some of us to drink enough water. We don’t have a problem at my house because we get most of our moisture from our raw food, but clean, fresh water is still so important. Getting kitties to … Continue reading

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It’s Spa Day — Our Special Grooming Day

Spa Day - Our Special Grooming Day

Spa Day -- Our Special Grooming Day - cat being brushed and freshly trimmed nailsToday is spa day. It’s our special grooming day and mom tries to schedule one every week. We all get a thorough brushing and our nails trimmed. Thank catness baths aren’t included! That reminds me, mom read recently that baths are not necessarily a bad thing for cats. I hope she’s not thinking that means me. I’m an indoor cat and do a fine job of bathing myself. Sometimes I wish she wouldn’t do so much research.

I really enjoy the brushing half of our grooming routine. I love being brushed but I’d just as soon mom leave the nails alone. I just get them nice and sharp and she chops them off. … Continue reading

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Have You Heard of Whisker Fatigue?

Bowl, mat, box 181_3527Frankly, my mom hadn’t heard much about whisker fatigue, or whisker stress, until she did some research for a post she wrote about kitty whiskers on her Savvy Pet Care blog. If she had asked me, I could have told her all about it. I mean, doesn’t it make sense that since our whiskers are very sensitive, that it would be uncomfortable to stuff our face in a small dish to eat? And humans wonder why their kitties ask for more food when the dish is not empty. Humans can be pretty lame sometimes!

After mom did the above mentioned research, she started looking for other dishes for us, so when we were contacted and asked if we … Continue reading

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Do Cats Really Like Fish?

Ocean eating Primal sardine grind

Do Cats Really Like FishDo cats really like fish? I ask this question because it came up at our house this past week. The answer to this question in our house is, it depends.Primal Sardine Grind

Mom got us some Primal sardine grind at our local store where she gets our raw meat. Since we love an occasional treat of tuna, she thought we would love this. Ocean dove right into it and licked his plate clean. Echo and I weren’t so sure. I licked it a little and Echo (Mr. Picky) just walked away. Now mind you, this was totally different from what we are used to eating. It … Continue reading

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What’s That on Your Chin, Ocean?

My brofur, Ocean, is prone to chin acne. He has had it off and on most of his life, although his outbreaks have been very mild for the past couple of years. Maybe that’s because it is common in kitties 2-4 years old due to hormones and he is six now.

Feline Chin Acne

When mom first discovered it several years ago when he was a youngster, she thought he just had a dirty chin and tried to scrub it clean. Well, that wasn’t the best thing to do. When some of the spots came off, they started to bleed. She was volunteering with the rescue at that time and learned that he most likely had feline chin acne. There are other conditions that can look … Continue reading

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There’s Something Fishy About These Treats! — #Delightibles

Christy looking up at Delightibles gourmet cat treats

Disclaimer:  As a True Science ambassador, I receive free products and am compensated for sharing information about True Science and its products. My opinions are my own and I only share information that I feel is relevant to my readers. True Science is not responsible for the content of this post.

When my True Science Ambassador box arrived at the beginning of the month, I had to tell my Facebook friends because I was so excited that I would be able to share a review of my very favorite treats — Delightibles Wild Country Meats.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the regular Delightibles, you can read my review here, but the Wild Country Meats drive me, well, WILD! When mom opens the bag, we all come running, talking up a storm. I don’t know what it is about these treats, but they are just so yummy. I think I especially … Continue reading

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