My Pawsome Prize from 15andmeowing

A while back, quite a while back (mom blushes with embarrassment!), my friend, Phoebe, over at 15andmeowing, had a giveaway to celebrate their one year blogoversary. Now, mom never wins anything, but I must be a lucky cat because I won this pawsome giveaway! The prize was a hand-made-with-love catnip mat and 12 crochet cat toys – one for each month they had been blogging.

The package arrived right after mom got back from BlogPaws but she wouldn’t let us open it. She said she was busy catching up and didn’t have time to do it justice right then, whatever that means. Oh, she let us check out the package, but that is as far as it went. We could tell even then that it was going to be good!

Then the next weekend was Horse Expo and more catching up. Finally, yesterday, she let us … Continue reading

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Caturday Art: Ocean Celebrates his Birthday with Fresh Catnip

Today is Ocean’s birthday. We don’t know his actual birth date, but mom made a best guess for each of us so we would have an official day to celebrate and this is Ocean’s day! He is an obnoxious, sassy boy who lacks the sweet factor that redeems Echo, but I love him just the same. He can be entertaining when he’s not chasing me! Oh, and he is six today. We all turn six this year.

Happy Birthday, Ocean!This birthday card is our entry in this week’s Caturday Art with Athena and Marie.

Celebrating with Fresh Catnip!

Ocean Celebrates his Birthday with Fresh Catnip Continue reading

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Spring Flowers on the Deck

Several times I have mentioned that I was going to show you photos of the spring flowers on our deck but the weather had other ideas. Everything has pretty much recovered and, in fact, mom has added several more pots, so we have lots of color out there. Some of the flowers, like the freesia, have come and gone, but others have taken their place. This is the first time in years mom has had flowers in the yard so she is pretty happy with them. She really likes looking out the kitchen window on the pretty view.

I have to admit, I like smelling them — especially my two pots of catnip!

The sad thing (for mom) about our yard is that even though we have quite a large yard, we have a low fence, and as you may have seen, the deer make themselves … Continue reading

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Fresh from the Garden

Fresh Catnip from the Garden - Christy PawsThe flowers on our deck are looking pretty good again and I was going to show them to you today, but would you believe it, it rained again yesterday and is supposed to rain more today. Of course, I don’t really care if it rains since I just watch it through the windows. It looks kind of cool but it keeps my sun puddles away. I’m not complaining though. Mom says we need every drop we can get — our local mountains are even getting some snow! This is all just a drop in the bucket, though, for the amount we need to even make a difference after years of not enough rain.

In an effort … Continue reading

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Who Would Have Thought?

Who Would Have Thought? - Echo playing

When we lived in southern California, Echo, Ocean and I were all pretty mellow. We are adults, after all. We almost Who Would Have Guessed - Not Playingnever played on our own and mom had to beg us to play with her. On occasion, we would take pity on her and give in, chasing around a silly string or feather. Most of the time we would just sit and watch while mom waved and drug and flailed toys about. Even the red dot was only rarely enticing to Ocean. Mom would usually give up after a few minutes saying, “You guys are so boring!”

Humph! Boring? We didn’t tell her she was boring when she was working on one of her other blogs or projects on … Continue reading

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Catnip Dreams

toys in nipWe love our nip and I know we’re not alone there. We love to smell it, roll in it and eat it.

Mom stores some of our mousies and other small toys in the catnip jar. When she takes them out to give them to us, oh boy, do they smell good! They soak up all those odors and are just wonderful.

After we play with our own for a while, we have to check out each other’s toys. If someone is silly enough to toss their toy into my area, I may just claim it too.

I’m looking forward to the spring when my gardener (that would be mom, of course) plants and tends my catnip and silvervine farm. I will oversee the cultivation of my plantation from the comfort … Continue reading

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Compost for Catnip

As I mentioned in my post on litter, one of the first things mom ordered when we moved here was a big composter. It was raining when it arrived so it never even made it to the garage. Mom drug it into the family room (the box was really big and kind of heavy) where it stayed for some time. Mom’s friend, Kelly, said it made a good coffee table.

Seems like every time it stopped raining, the composter took a backseat to another outdoor project that needed to be done — usually involving the horses. Mom would’ve put it together inside but it was too big and wouldn’t fit through any of the doors once it was finished.

Finally, a few days before Christmas, mom and Kelly’s mom started working on it. We watched them through the window for a while but it went … Continue reading

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