More Caturday Art Filters

Digital art photo of Christy Paws using extrude filer in Photoshop

Mom tried and tried to do something different in Photoshop for today’s Caturday Art but just couldn’t come up with anything she liked. She said the creative juices just weren’t flowing. Finally, she decided to just use a beautiful photo of me and see what she could do with it with art filters.

Here’s the original photo.

Original photo of Christy used for digital Caturday art projectShe used the Stylize/Extrude filter with its default settings for this effect . She made a few adjustments to the settings of the Render/Picture frame filter to change the size of the frame before adding.

Digital art photo of Christy Paws using extrude filter in Photoshop Continue reading

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The Birth of an Adventure Cat

Enjoying the ride around Petco in the shopping cart

As you may know, mom will be attending her second BlogPaws conference in June. Last year, even though she had planned to take me, she ended up going by herself. My harness training just didn’t go as planned!

For this year’s conference, she really wants me to go with her so she had planned to work diligently on my harness training and getting me out in public. So far, the weather has put a damper on that. It has been raining almost steadily since Christmas. Mom says rain won’t make me melt but she wants my trips out to be pleasant.

On Monday, mom got out the treats and I ran through my tricks a couple of times, so far sit, high five and up. Then the harness went on. No problem. We do this often.

I followed mom around for a while … Continue reading

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A Sunday Selfie with Ocean

Ocean was so sweet to mom the other night, she told him he could do this week’s Sunday selfie. Of the three of us, he spends the least time with her. Most of the time, when he does try to cuddle with her, he wants to make biscuits all the time and give her little love biteys when she pets him. For some reason, she doesn’t appreciate this and makes him get down. The other night, though, he carefully climbed up in the chair, pawed her shoulder and laid his head down. No kneading and no biting! This made mom smile so it made me happy to have Ocean do the selfies. Notice I’m even letting him touch me!

Ocean sleeping on mom's shoulder Continue reading

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Not all Photo Apps are Created Equal

Mom thought she had a great idea for today’s Caturday Art. Since she has several photo apps, she thought she would take the same photo into each app, apply the same effect and compare them.

First, she took this adorable photo of me (she could have at least told me I needed to clean my mouth — or fixed it in Photoshop!)…

Original photo for photo apps comparisoninto PhotoLab. Water color is her favorite medium so she decided that is the filter/effect she would apply in each app. Here is the result from PhotoLab.

PhotoLab water color for photo apps comparison Continue reading

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Grateful for Rain?

I missed Caturday Art yesterday so I thought I’d give you an artsy fartsy selfie today.

Grateful for Rain? - Sunday SelfieFor the past couple of days we have been thinking about our friends in the east in the path of the big snow storm. We hope you are all safe.

Our biggest concern here when we have snow or high winds is that the power might go out. Mom says we depend so much on electricity that it is a little scary. Our heat depends on the electricity and that is the worst. You know how us kitties hate the cold! We moved here during the winter and one of the first things mom bought was a kerosene heater for emergencies.

We have lots … Continue reading

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Mom Finally Got it Right!

How we help mom get more exercise

As you may recall, mom doesn’t make the best choices when it comes to bringing gifts to us when she goes places. When she went to a big craft show in Sacramento she brought me a harness and when she went to her first cat show to see my pal Summer, she brought me a pooper scooper. I wasn’t too thrilled with these things, even if they were purple.Help mom Echo

Last weekend, she went to another cat show to see … Continue reading

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Caturday Art with SuperPhoto

A few days ago, I noticed a flood of photos on Instagram that looked like paintings. Of course, mom had to know the source and, with a little snooping of hashtags, she found a new app called SuperPhoto. She spent hours fiddling with different filters.

She’s not a fan of black and white but thought it might be a good choice for this photo of black and white kitties Zoey and Sheba, two of her pet sitting clients. This filter is called Black Aura.

SuperPhoto Zoey and Sheba Black AuraThis is MOI, using the Hard Pencil filter.

SuperPhoto Christy Hard Pencil Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies: Am I Being a Diva?

Quite often, I take my selfies when I’m laying in mom’s lap. That’s where I was last night when she said I should do some. Then, of all the rude things, she called Ocean up in her lap. He was asking to come up so she said he could. In case you don’t know, even though I love my brofur, we don’t get along all that great.

Christy and Ocean - Sunday Selfies: Am I Being a Diva?Look. Here he is. Right in my face!

Christy - Sunday Selfies: Am I Being a Diva? Continue reading

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