The Making of Flat Me

When we decided I was not going to go to BlogPaws, mom was sad because so many other kitties would be there and she wanted me to be with her. But I was very slow to take to the harness and mom wasn’t very consistent with my training. I went on my first walk in the yard, actually off the patio, the end of March. Here’s my video!

On my second walk in the yard, I had a really bad experience with Dieter, the dog next door who lives with mom’s friend, Kelly. I was out walking around my yard when Dieter came outside. He looked curious and we walked over near the fence. Then the most horrible thing happened. He started screeching and screaming so loud that it nearly scared me to death! I pulled and pulled on the leash. I tried to get away and Dieter started lunging at the fence, all the while still screaming. I leaped into the air and did a couple of back flips, coming down hard. Mom was kneeling down and was trying to grab a hold of me but I was having no part of it. Finally, I squirmed out of my harness and took off. Mom hollered, noooooooo! But, I’m a pretty smart kitty and I ran right to the back door to be let in. The whole thing took only seconds but it seemed like forever.

Back out on the patio after my harrowing experience, always on the lookout for that scary dog!

Back out on the patio after my harrowing experience, always on the lookout for that scary dog!

Needless to say, mom started thinking twice about BlogPaws. Would I get frightened and squirm out of my harness? (By the way, I don’t use that one anymore!) Would I just be miserable because I was scared and stressed? So, we made the decision that I would stay home and she was sad. Then she read about flat pets on the BlogPaws website and got instructions from Barking from the Bayou. We thought this would be a great way for me to be there in spirit at least.

First thing needed was a front facing, full body photo. Well, for some reason, those are few and far between here. Mom searched and searched through photos until she found one she thought would work, because she knew if she tried to take a new one, I would most likely be less than cooperative.

Once the photo was selected, she had to decide what size to make it. The flat pet is supposed to be about actual size, Hiding in my paper fort. Making of Flat Me, flat pet for BlogPawsunless you have a really big pet, I guess! Mom tried to measure me! Ha! What is that thing? Why are you sticking it near me? First, I tried to lay down, then I ran off and hid in one of my paper forts! Next thing I knew, she was doing the same thing to Ocean. He’s so slow, she was finished before he figured out he should run away.

Flat me to beThe photo was adjusted to the proper size and she ordered the lawn sign. Mom just left the lawn sign sitting around intact for a couple of weeks because she was afraid she’d mess it up when she cut it out. Well, guess what! She did. She did a good job cutting around me without cutting anything off, which is what she was worried about, but she cut around my hiney and left it Finished Flat me, flat pet for BlogPawshanging out in mid-air. So she glued some of the cut off part back on and put some decorations on to hide the cuts. She said she had planned to put the feathers on somewhere anyway so that we would match, so it was OK. I’m not sure what she means by that. She says she hopes the cuts don’t come apart at the conference! Finally, flat me is done and packed in its special container, ready to represent me at the conference.Packaged and ready to go! Flat pet for BlogPaws

Mom says I will probably go to the conference next year. She will learn all the things we need to know so we will be really prepared. I’ll get lots of practice during the year going out and visiting places so I am comfortable being around lots of people and other animals. If mom isn’t too busy at the conference, she may take over the blog and do a couple of posts from there to let you all know how it is going and who she is meeting.

Just two more days and mom will be on her way — before the crack of dawn Thursday morning!

Have a great day.

Christy Paws

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27 Responses to The Making of Flat Me

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  9. Mew mew mew yur Mumma soundss lotss like mee Ladymum!! Shee iss not good with scisserss or doin anyfing craftie 😉
    Mind you yur flat Christy iss berry purrty with thee featherss.
    Hurrah fur yur fesrt garden walk an ***HISS*** at Dieter the doggie fur beein so rude an noisey an scarin you! LadyMum sayss shee knowss that momint when a kittie iss loose an thee feer thee kittie will take off…..yur a clevurr gurl to go rite back to thee back door.
    Mee doess not like harnessess or collarss at all….so mee goin to bee a Condo kittie just like Aunty Nylablue was…
    Wee hopess yur Mumma has a good time an wee hopess you not miss her too much.
    **nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry an not-so-craftie LadyMum xxxxx

  10. We’re sorry you were scared ; we wish your mom a lot of fun at BlogPaws ! Purrs

  11. Flat you came out really good! The mom is looking forward to seeing Flat You and your mom.

  12. Purrsea says:

    Hey Christy Paws, you look so comfortable walking about with your harness on.. Your mom did a fine job. See, it’s not so bad after all…mol. Too bad the dog thing happened. Thanks for the tip about “flat pets”…pawsome idea. =^,,^=

  13. We’re sorry you got scared, that stinks. Just like us, you’ll be there in spirit.

  14. Oh Christy weez sowry dat da doggy scared you. When we see a doggy dat scweams at us we just give hims da ole hissy fit face and tell hims to hush up. Mommy sez it’s okay to hiss at anypawdy/kitty/doggy what makes yous nervous. Flat you is very purretty, yous mommy did a gweat job, And weez lluvved seein’ da bootyful you on yous stwoll outside. Weez not know what kind of hawness you use now, but mommy sez da bestest ones awe da little cloff ones like dwesses or vests. We can’t wait to meet yous mommy. Weez gunna miss ya’. Have a very safe twip.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  15. Summer says:

    That is such a bummer that you got spooked by the neighbor dog, Christy! I agree, it is better that you stay home this year since I hear there are going to be something like 100(!) dogs there and you will need to (re)learn to feel comfortable around dogs before going to something like that! Fortunately, I haven’t had any bad dog experiences and I am hoping for some good ones while I am at BlogPaws to help reinforce that. I’m looking forward to meeting your human!

  16. WOW! That must have been terrifying!!! I hope you have recovered!! We hope mom has a super time at Blogpaws!! xx

    • Christy Paws says:

      I haven’t been out a lot since the event and I still look for the scary little dude. Mom hasn’t forced me because right after it happened, when she took me out on the deck I would try to hide in her lap and tremble.

  17. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    christy….we wooda freeked bout de dawg two, N frank lee we think yur momz makin de right choice by lettin ya stay home with echo & ocean….{ just dont say we said sew !! 🙂

    bee sides…we will all bee ther later fora houz trashin partee any way….sew…….

    grate job on flat ewe…N tell yur mom ta haza safe trip ther, home & everee wear inn between ♥♥♥

  18. Penelope says:

    Wow! Dieter must has been as scared of yous as yous was of hims to yells at yous like that! And your Flat yous looks marvelous darling!

  19. Sammy says:

    GOOD JOB on the “flat you” !!! Your Mom has your adorable face and a purple feathery thing with you and you look fabulous. Next year maybe you can go in PURRSON.

    Hugs, Sammy

  20. Ellen Pilch says:

    I hope to go next year and I hope you do too. Tell your Mom to have a great time.

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