Road Trip – Part 4 – Hotel Room Selfies

In case you haven't been following along, I've been telling you about my road trip this past week. Today it's my hotel room and hotel room selfies.

In case you haven’t been following along, I’ve been telling you about my road trip this past week. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I especially liked yesterday’s Part 3 post about my Missed Adventure.

Since I spent a lot of time in our wonderful hotel room at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass during BlogPaws, I wanted to tell you about it.

We saw some amazing sunrises.

SunriseOur room was so bright and sunny. It had the most pawsome sun puddles in the morning!

Sun puddle 1 Continue reading

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Spring Adventure

Christy sitting in patio chair with tongue out

It has been warm and sunny here and the doors and windows have been open a lot. Mom says that means spring is here. She has been working outside a little, getting the herb garden cleaned up and starting to re-pot the potted plants that survived the winter. She cleaned off the deck, put away the chair covers and brought out the cushions. She puttered around for a long time, rearranging furniture and plants.

We watched the birds on the garage roof from the dining room window and door. They weren’t deterred from gathering the seeds dropped by the big tree by mom’s bustling around.

Bird on garage roof gathering seeds in springMom decided it was so beautiful out when she was … Continue reading

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We Are Bummed

Christy snoozing in sun puddle

Echo, Ocean and I are a little bummed today. For the past week or so we have had the most pawsome weather. It was glorious! If you follow me, you may have heard me mention just a time or two about how much it has been raining — over six weeks with only a day or two off here and there and they were still gray and gloomy. For those few days, though, the sun was shining and we had sun puddles in two of our windows.

Christy enjoying the sunshine - from We Are BummedThe best part was that the windows and doors were open almost all day for a few days! Mom said the temperature was in the 70s.

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National Love Your Pet Day 2015

National Love Your Pet Day - celebrate with extra nip!

ChristyNational Love Your Pet Day? What’s that all about? Isn’t every day love your pet day? These humans have to have a “day” to celebrate everything! When we heard about this, we decided to try to find out what it is all about — who started it, etc. Well, this was easier said that done! Even the National Day Calendar said, “Our research failed to find the creator or the origin of this ‘unofficial’ National holiday.”

Whoever came up with the idea knew about our importance to our humans. For example, how would they ever get their chores done without our help? Or, how would they sleep comfortably without us laying on them to keep them warm? And, most of all, how would they … Continue reading

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Where Was I?

Sleeping on the sofa

OMC! OMC! Will you look at that! Birdies all over my purple feeder.

Birds on purple feederAnd where was I? I was asleep on the living room sofa! Mom, oh mom, why didn’t you wake me up?

3 sleeping on sofa

Will they come back tomorrow? I hope so!

Wishing a happy Australia Day to all my friends Down Under!

Love you,

Christy Paws

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