Mom Finally Got it Right!

How we help mom get more exercise

As you may recall, mom doesn’t make the best choices when it comes to bringing gifts to us when she goes places. When she went to a big craft show in Sacramento she brought me a harness and when she went to her first cat show to see my pal Summer, she brought me a pooper scooper. I wasn’t too thrilled with these things, even if they were purple.Help mom Echo

Last weekend, she went to another cat show to see Summer … Continue reading

Caturday Art: May the Furs be with You

Mom hasn’t gotten to see the new Star Wars movie yet but, believe me, she will. She is older than dirt and stood in a long line to see the original at the theater — and she’s seen it many times! The only reason she hasn’t seen the new one yet is that the theaters where it is playing are not very close and the holidays have prevented planning an excursion to the big city.

Mom doesn’t buy me many new toys because I have so many, but on her last trip to the pet store, she had to get me THIS!

May the furs be with youNow, I ask you, does it look like I’m enjoying this? Well, I love my mom so I try to … Continue reading

Our Secret Paws Finally Revealed

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you all had a most wonderful Christmas. I know we did.

On Christmas Day, mom finally let us open our Secret Paws box. We were so excited to find out it came from our friends Gus, Jaq, Pearl and their human mom Jenny from As the World Purrs. Thank you so much!

First, of course, someone had to inspect the box and its wrapped contents. I let Ocean have that honor.

Our Secret Paws Finally Revealed -- Ocean in boxOnce everything was out, mom wanted to take pictures with the packages. See the cute little bags that things are in? Mom thought that was a really clever wrapping idea. We each had our own bag with our name on … Continue reading

What IS that thing?

What is that thing? - We won a FroliCat Flik

Early last week, a package arrived at our door. Mom brought it in and opened it up. We were about to check out the box when she pulled out another, smaller box. We gave the bigger box a cursory inspection then came back to check out the smaller box.

Mom opened the second box and out came a big, round, white object. While mom went out to the garage for something, we checked it out but it didn’t smell like anything so we weren’t impressed. Mom came back with some things, batteries she said, that she put inside the white thing then set it on the floor and flicked a switch.

Oh, my cat! It started making noise and a string kept disappearing inside and jumping back out.

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Friday Follow-up — Catification and Giveaways

My prize package from 15andmeowing

The modifications to our cat tree continue. Yesterday, mom bought carpeting for the new shelf and a fancy electric staple gun to attach it. She tried the regular staple guns but decided her old, arthritic hands just aren’t strong enough for them. The men helping her at the store said even their hands get tired with the regular ones if there are a lot of staples and she will need to do a lot. The carpet cost $3. The staple gun to put it on cost $30. Hmmm…

15andmeowing toys 161_2222A while back, I told you about a pawsome prize I won from 15andmeowing. Some of you wondered if Echo ever got to play with the toys after Ocean put the bitey on him. Echo politely waited until Ocean … Continue reading

Pole Cat

Ocean and his Favorite Scratching Post

Ocean and his Favorite Scratching Post

Since the new tree came to our house, this is definitely one of Ocean’s favorite places to be and things to do. He likes to stand on the top platform, reach all the way to the top and scratch on it. He can almost touch the ceiling cat. I personally don’t see the appeal.

Ocean and his Favorite Scratching Post

In and of itself, this is probably not that surprising or even interesting to most. However, as boys will be boys, look what mom came home to from BlogPaws. I told him he shouldn’t be so rowdy but he just wouldn’t listen.

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Fresh from the Garden

Fresh Catnip from the Garden - Christy PawsThe flowers on our deck are looking pretty good again and I was going to show them to you today, but would you believe it, it rained again yesterday and is supposed to rain more today. Of course, I don’t really care if it rains since I just watch it through the windows. It looks kind of cool but it keeps my sun puddles away. I’m not complaining though. Mom says we need every drop we can get — our local mountains are even getting some snow! This is all just a drop in the bucket, though, for the amount we need to even make a difference after years of not enough rain.

In an effort to … Continue reading

Should I Be Doing This?


Should I be doing this? - Do blogging kitties get away with more? www.christypaws.comHey there! Ocean here. I took over the blog this morning while Christy was sleeping. Actually, she said I could. I wanted to ask if you kitties who blog feel like you get away with more stuff since you started blogging? Maybe even all your fur sibs get away with things.

Like, take the other day for instance. I jumped up on the arm of mom’s chair and slyly slid my paw over to her side table to liberate a crinkly piece of paper. Mom was sitting right there but I couldn’t help myself. (Christy says it is because I’m naughty!) Oh, do I ever love crinkly things! Continue reading