A Sunday Selfie with Ocean

Ocean was so sweet to mom the other night, she told him he could do this week’s Sunday selfie. Of the three of us, he spends the least time with her. Most of the time, when he does try to cuddle with her, he wants to make biscuits all the time and give her little love biteys when she pets him. For some reason, she doesn’t appreciate this and makes him get down. The other night, though, he carefully climbed up in the chair, pawed her shoulder and laid his head down. No kneading and no biting! This made mom smile so it made me happy to have Ocean do the selfies. Notice I’m even letting him touch me!

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Sunday Selfies: Am I Being a Diva?

Quite often, I take my selfies when I’m laying in mom’s lap. That’s where I was last night when she said I should do some. Then, of all the rude things, she called Ocean up in her lap. He was asking to come up so she said he could. In case you don’t know, even though I love my brofur, we don’t get along all that great.

Christy and Ocean - Sunday Selfies: Am I Being a Diva?Look. Here he is. Right in my face!

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Sunday Selfies: Avoiding More Wars!

We forgot to take any selfies yesterday and mom said if I didn’t do some today she would use my Princess Leia selfies that we did a while back. It’s bad enough she used one for yesterday’s Caturday Art so I jumped into it.

I didn’t come up with anything particularly interesting but here I am getting my paw ready to push the button.

SS 01-03-16 TAfter a few tries, I finally got a couple that are fairly sharp.

Then I decided to try out the timer which I’ve never done before.

SS 01-03-16 3Hope you are having an … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies: Peaches and Dinah

Dinah and Peaches

I’ve missed quite a few Sunday Selfies lately but I hope that is all in the past. I’ve been working on whipping the typist (aka mom) into shape. She’s doing pretty good so far — hey, it’s been a week already since we had our talk!

I know you were probably expecting a photo of me and my gorgeous blue eyes, but since the holidays are coming up when humans usually have a lot of visitors, I have decided to bring you a couple of guests today.

Mom was very busy last week with pet sitting. She was even gone overnight again one night! Why does she do that? Well, anyway, she took some photos and I picked out a few of one family.

This is Peaches. Selfies never really do a kitty justice, but just so you know, she is quite a stunning calico. Mom said Peaches tried to … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies: Treats Make Everything Better

Good morning friends. Can you see I have my harness on? Mom has been making me wear it a lot lately. She says I have to step up mySelfie in my harness (you can barely see it) - I got treats! game so that I’ll be ready for BlogPaws next June. I was so NOT ready for this past BlogPaws in Nashville.

I’m much more comfortable in my harness now. I don’t try to run and hide when I see it come out anymore because I know I will get treats after it is on. It still feels a little funny but I’m OK with it for the most part.

Mom says the next step is to go for some rides in the car. That should … Continue reading

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Not My Mama’s Face

baby goat kid nursing

Mom’s friend, Kelly, who lives next door, has a cousin who raises goats. In the spring, mom got to go see them shortly after most of the babies were born. She took lots of pictures which she forgot to do anything with. Since there have been lots of guest posters on Sunday Selfies, mom thought you might like to see some of these goats and the babies this week. The good thing about this? I didn’t have to do selfies this week.

Here’s Ms. Goat’s Sunday selfie.

Not My Mama's Face - Goats for Sunday SelfiesI’ve never met a goat in person but these things look kind of cute. Here are some moms and lots of babies.

Is Tocktober just for cats? If so, it shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies on Monday

Theo extreme closeup

Whoa, this “Sunday Selfies on Monday” almost ended up being Sunday Selfies on Tuesday. Mom was pretty useless on Sunday. She seemed to think that cleaning the house was more important than finishing my post until Sunday night. Today, she went off all day with her cooking group to Apple Hill. Mom, you have to remember to push the “publish” button!

We didn’t want to skip this post because this weekend mom let another one of her pet sitting clients, Theo, try his hand at selfies. As you may know, I’m not that fond of dogs but I’m really trying to learn to like them. Mom says he is a very sweet one, but then she says that about all of them. I think he did a pretty good job on his selfies for his first time.

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Sunday Selfies with Flat Andy

Christy and Flat Andy Sunday Selfie

Hi Friends! We are still having some computer issues here but are doing the best we can with what we have to work with. My friend, Flat Andy is here visiting from Ashtabula, Ohio, and we took some selfies this morning. We got a little silly but we had fun.

Christy and Andy 3

Christy and Andy

Christy and Andy 2

Hope you have a fun week ahead.

Christy Paws

We are joining the blog hop hosted by our friends at The Cat on My Head. Click … Continue reading

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