Sunday Selfies: Treats Make Everything Better

Good morning friends. Can you see I have my harness on? Mom has been making me wear it a lot lately. She says I have to step up mySelfie in my harness (you can barely see it) - I got treats! game so that I’ll be ready for BlogPaws next June. I was so NOT ready for this past BlogPaws in Nashville.

I’m much more comfortable in my harness now. I don’t try to run and hide when I see it come out anymore because I know I will get treats after it is on. It still feels a little funny but I’m OK with it for the most part.

Mom says the next step is to go for some rides in the car. That should be easy peasy because I was such a good traveler when we moved here. The car didn’t scare me at all. Echo and Ocean sang the song of our people forever, but I just rolled around in my carrier and looked cute, hoping mom would let me out so I could sit on her lap.

I wonder what it will be like at the pet store when I get to go there to pick out a toy and new treats! Mom says it’s a wondrous place for pets.

Mom is also putting treats to good use to help me learn a few tricks. I learned right away to sit and stay for photo shoots. Up is getting pretty good and my newest trick, high five, is really easy. Mom says when I get a little better she is going to make a video so you all can see just how smart I am.

Well, that’s all for this easy Sunday. Hope you all have a great day!

Christy Paws

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17 Responses to Sunday Selfies: Treats Make Everything Better

  1. Raven says:

    Sounds like you have a lot of adventures in your future.

  2. Summer says:

    Yay, Christy! It sounds like you are doing really well. I really hope I get to meet you at BlogPaws – maybe you can give my human a High Five!

  3. You will be a traveler like Summer in no time Christy!

  4. Meow Christy, yous duin’ all da good awen’t you. Weez so happy. We sure do hope to get to see you at BlogPaws in 2016.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. Christie, I know where you’re coming from. Mom is doing the same thing to me. I don’t care for it.


  6. I wish I could get to go to a pet store!

  7. It looks like you are set for many adventures, Christy!!

  8. Ellen Pilch says:

    I am sure you are going to love the pet store. Very nice selfie.

  9. Mee-you Christy yur so clevurr doin a **HI-5**…mee likes doin them also. An thee treetss are grate, mew mew mew…
    Sorry wee not been around. Iss thee 1st meow-moreal fur Aunty Nylablue an Ladymum helpin her X man out so wee been busy…too much so…..
    Sendin you ***paw kissesss*** an <3 LUV <3
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  10. I almost thought that you were going to move, because that’s the only reason I had to wear my harness, but you are going to BlogPaws and that is so exciting ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Pawkisses for you ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  11. Marg says:

    That is great that you are getting used to your harness, so you can go to blog paws. That should be a lot of fun. Such a good selfie too. Have a great day.

  12. Sammy says:

    Good for you! Adjusting to new stuff isn’t always easy but getting treats for accomplishing something helps a lot!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  13. meowmeowmans says:

    Hi Christy! You look great (and comfortable) in your harness. We can hardly wait to see you do that high 5 trick. ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. You look great with your harness ! Have an easy Sunday ! Purrs

  15. The mom has been trying to teach Zoey how to High 5, but not with much success. We can’t wait to see you do it, Christy.

  16. you look ECSTATIC…MOL… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. speedyrabbit says:

    you look great in your Harness,gosh you’re going to love going out on adventures,xx Speedy

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