My First Car Ride in Over a Year

Christy sleeping in leopard harness prepping for- My First Car Ride in Over a YearMom has really been trying to work with me to get me ready for the BlogPaws conference in June. I’ve been wearing my harness a lot but what I need to work on now is getting out of the house and around people. The problem is, it hasn’t stopped raining, and even snowing, in weeks. When we have one or two days without rain, mom has outdoor chores to do and then it starts raining again. Mom says we can’t complain though. After four years of drought, we need all the rain and snow we can get.

A couple of weeks ago, mom finally decided to take me out on a day that was only a little rainy. She had to go out anyway so thought it would be a good time for me to go along.

In my post Wordless Wednesday: The Cat’s Meow, I told you what I thought of that day. But there was more to it than a less than happy kitty going for a car ride.

When we got to the car, mom thought about putting me in the back seat and buckling me up but decided to put me in the front seat where I could see her. She thought that would make me more comfortable because this was my first car ride since we moved here more than a year ago.

Christy in her carrier prepping for - My First Car Ride in Over a Year

I preferred to be in my carrier in the house in front of the heater!

Now, as you probably know, your pets should ride in the back seat in their carrier with the carrier safely buckled in. But, as I said, mom put me in the front seat and, what’s worse, she didn’t buckle me in. After all, we were only going to be gone a little while. What could happen?

Well, a truck in front of mom came to a sudden stop when a car in front of it turned without signaling. Mom had to hit the brakes hard and, you guessed it, my carrier went rolling off the seat. Don’t worry. I wasn’t hurt or even very upset, at least not more than I already was, so everything was OK.

Mom did this right after she had shared posts like Sumner’s Do’s and Dont’s of Traveling With Your Cat. She didn’t want me to tell you what a stupid thing she did (her words, not mine) but I told her it is important to remind people that accidents happen when you least expect them so you should do the right thing every time.

Mom made a couple of stops on that outing. One of them was to Petco where she got me my Pricess Leia mousies and some special treats. At least that’s what she thought. They were stinky mussels and I wouldn’t touch them. She thought I was just punishing her for making me go in the car but I didn’t touch them at home either. Even my brofurs wouldn’t eat them. She says they weren’t cheap so we are going to eat them somehow. I know she is hiding them in our wet food!

Love my #starwars mousies. #ChristyPaws #catswithblogs #catsofig #instacat #cattoys #toymice

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Mom said she was surprised that I sang so much on the car ride since I never let out a peep on the 12-hour trip here from Southern California. She says she knows it wasn’t because my brofurs were there since they are of no comfort to me EVER. So, now she’s had this bright idea. She thinks that since I am so subdued when I have my purple harness on that maybe it acts kind of like a Thunder Shirt. She’s going to put it on me for the next trip. I’ll let you know if it helps me stay more calm.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. And in case you were wondering, yes, it is raining.

Christy Paws

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16 Responses to My First Car Ride in Over a Year

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  2. glad u both r ok. Bet moms was worried. Good reminder for me to secure my darlins in the car

  3. Geez, no more wild rides, right? “Belt your cat” is what our mom says whenever we have to go any place, when she’s strapping our carrier in place. LOVE those adorable mousies!

  4. Deziz World says:

    Oh Christy weez so sorry dat yous ride wasn’t so good. Mommy never puts us in da back seat. course noow our stroller takes us da whole seat so even ifin she had a sudden stop it wuldn’t go nowhere. Altho’ she typically puts da seatbelt on it to secure it into place and then off we go. As fur da harness, mommy sez make sure all things harness are pawsitive and good speriences so dat you see da harness and fink “Oh Meow what fun!!!” Like we actually fink dat. Hmmpht Anyways, da seatbelt can go fru da handles on da carrier so there’s no more gettin’ rolled outta da seat. As fur da noms…OMC Weez not really like fish anyways, so mommy rarely buys any. Maybe yous mommy took those treats back to da store and got hers moey back. One can hope, right? MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. What a wild ride THAT was sweet Christy!
    An yur Mumma mite have sumfing there about thee Pur-pull harness feelin like a Funder shirt an you feel calmer…..
    Ladymum asked me if a Funder shrit wood werk on mee. Well mee meowed an meowed an fell over frum thee meowin….mee iss wld an free an no funder shrit happenin here…LadyMum gave mee thiss weerd look an said “We will seess….”
    An it snowed here fur 4 dayss an nitess! All most 4 feet of snow…want us to send youss’ sum?????
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhrtha Henry xxxxx

  6. Brian Frum says:

    Dang, those sudden stops can be scary but I’m glad all was okay. You do look right fancy in that harness in that first pic!

  7. Ellen Pilch says:

    I am glad you didn’t get hurt in the car. I sometimes keep the carrier in the front to have my cats be less stressed too. I bet your Mom could return those awful treats or write to the company to get a refund..

  8. Raven says:

    Glad to hear your driving adventure ended well. I’m okay with car rides, but I prefer to stay in the comfort of my quiet home.

  9. Well, that was an interesting car ride, Christy. We’re glad you’re okay. We sing in the car too…the mom says we’re singing to the radio. 😉

  10. Oh Christy that was a bit of a close call! Glad you are ok! The Staff always wedges me in the front passenger seat footwell and I’m pretty safe their, but now I’ve got bigger and so the carrier is bigger and I don’t fit anymore!!

  11. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    Christy… stars girl, thanx be to Bast you weren’t hurt…and you know, this is a win win for you if the next time your out and about and you need to learn to be around people….make your mom take you to the shopping mall, preferably one that has an excellent accessories, handbag and jewelry store…hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

  12. Sammy says:

    Bravo on your first car trip in a year! Maybe that purple harness will settle you down next time………love your new mousies though – they are ADORABLES!

    Hugs, Sammy

  13. Summer says:

    I’m glad you weren’t hurt or even particularly upset when your human had to hit the brakes! My human always thought that I’d be better off in a car if I could see her too… but you know what? It’s not really true! I already know she is there so I don’t need to be able to look at her. I will be interested to see if you do better with your purple harness on.

  14. Glad you were ok! I don’t mind car rides, but I has only ever been to da vet.

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