14 Ways to Help Your Local Shelter or Rescue Group

Learn how to support your local animal shelter or rescue group

Because I was rescued from a high-kill shelter, it is really important to me to paw it forward to help other homeless kitties. I am one grateful girl to have been rescued and I love to tell the humans who work tirelessly to save animals how much I appreciate them. National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week is the purrfect time to do just that. Although I do not support the organization that started it, and I don’t understand how people still can, I wanted to take the time to share with you a few ways you can help your local animal shelter or rescue group. They still deserve your support even if the national organization that started the event does not. When you donate locally, you can be more certain that your donation will actually go to the animals in need.

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Friday’s Featured Feline: Phoebe

Phoebe - available for adoption

Meet Phoebe

I didn’t get much information about this gorgeous girl so I am letting each picture of her speak 1,000 words. Phoebe is available for adoption from A-Pal Humane Society in Jackson, CA. Contact them at 209-223-0410.

Here’s what A-Pal told us about her:

Phoebe is a 6-year-old dilute calico. She was turned in at the animal shelter as a stray so we do not know much about her other than she is very sweet.

[tweetthis]Sweet Phoebe, 6-yr-old dilute calico, is available for adoption in Jackson, CA[/tweetthis]

Kudo’s to a Great Team

Here’s another picture worth a thousand words.


In May, A-Pal shared this graph on their Facebook page with this caption:

Through the hard work and dedication of Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center‘s staff and … Continue reading

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Cat with a Cause! A-Pal Humane Society

A-Pal Humane Society Won't You Help Us Poster

BlogtheChangeSince we moved from southern California late last year, I have been a cat without a cause. I had been an Advo-Cat for the rescue that saved my life and got me the surgery I needed. I have been trying to connect with a new rescue to represent because part of my mission is to pay it forward and help other kitties find loving, forever homes. It has taken a while but we have finally made the connection and now I am an Advo-Cat for A-Pal Humane Society! I am very excited about this. Each Friday, I will share with you one of their kitties. I hope you’ll help me with my mission by sharing these cats.

A-Pal Humane Society has a surprisingly long history in Amador County. In 1978 a group of … Continue reading

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Queen of the House

Ever since I can remember, I have been the self-declared Queen of the House. I came to the house as a foster kitty, but I soon won over my human mom and she adopted me — her third foster failure. There were hundreds of kitties after me, but no matter how many kitties came and went, I was in charge. I gladly assumed the responsibility. If it ever became too much for me, I took a break, observing and instructing from a high vantage point.

Mostly, we fostered kittens. Those brothers of mine, Echo and Ocean, were too busy playing with the kittens to teach them anything constructive. Kittens can be very trying sometimes, doing the same things over and over again. It seems like they’ll never get it. They need lots of repetition and redirection to learn. I helped them learn how to gingerly step over things when they … Continue reading

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MeoowzResQ Saves Lives

I want to tell you more about the wonderful organization that saved my life as well as the lives of my adopted brothers and sisters. This is what mom has told me about them.

With most people, rescuing sneaks up on you gradually. MeoowzResQ started with one woman, founder Dani Ryan, who agreed to help a co-worker out with some feral bottle babies. Then she took up volunteering at a local shelter and with another rescue group.

feeding bottle babySoon, she and another friend, Judith, hooked up to save bottle babies from their local county shelter. It was Friday, April 20, 2001, Dani’s birthday, when she was asked to come down to the shelter and pick up a litter of kittens. To her surprise, when she arrived, there were 21 babies that would be euthanized if she did not take them. What would she do? … Continue reading

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