Not My Mama’s Face

baby goat kid nursing

Mom’s friend, Kelly, who lives next door, has a cousin who raises goats. In the spring, mom got to go see them shortly after most of the babies were born. She took lots of pictures which she forgot to do anything with. Since there have been lots of guest posters on Sunday Selfies, mom thought you might like to see some of these goats and the babies this week. The good thing about this? I didn’t have to do selfies this week.

Here’s Ms. Goat’s Sunday selfie.

Not My Mama's Face - Goats for Sunday SelfiesI’ve never met a goat in person but these things look kind of cute. Here are some moms and lots of babies.

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Sunday Selfies on Monday

Theo extreme closeup

Whoa, this “Sunday Selfies on Monday” almost ended up being Sunday Selfies on Tuesday. Mom was pretty useless on Sunday. She seemed to think that cleaning the house was more important than finishing my post until Sunday night. Today, she went off all day with her cooking group to Apple Hill. Mom, you have to remember to push the “publish” button!

We didn’t want to skip this post because this weekend mom let another one of her pet sitting clients, Theo, try his hand at selfies. As you may know, I’m not that fond of dogs but I’m really trying to learn to like them. Mom says he is a very sweet one, but then she says that about all of them. I think he did a pretty good job on his selfies for his first time.

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Sunday Selfies with Flat Andy

Christy and Flat Andy Sunday Selfie

Hi Friends! We are still having some computer issues here but are doing the best we can with what we have to work with. My friend, Flat Andy is here visiting from Ashtabula, Ohio, and we took some selfies this morning. We got a little silly but we had fun.

Christy and Andy 3

Christy and Andy

Christy and Andy 2

Hope you have a fun week ahead.

Christy Paws

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Almost Labor Day Sunday Selfies

labor day kittenTomorrow is Labor Day and even though this is the sixth Labor Day I’ve been around for, I wasn’t sure exactly what it is all about, so mom explained it to me. She said it is a special day set aside to recognize the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. Canada also celebrates Labour Day on the first Monday of September like us, while more than 80 other countries celebrate International Workers’ Day on May 1 as their holiday dedicated to labor. So it’s kind of like National Cat Day.

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Artsy Selfie Sunday

Ocean and I worked really hard on our selfies this week and I think we did a pretty good job. Ocean’s is in better focus than mine but at least we are both looking at the camera– well, mostly.

Echo was sleeping in the back bedroom and did not want to be disturbed!

Since we missed Caturday Art yesterday, I decided to turn one of my selfies in to a quickie artsy selfie.

What do you think? Does it make my nose look big?

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Sunday Selfies: #CatBoxSunday

Defending my box from Echo

Mom brought this box in from the garage to sort the contents. I love its wonderful little indentation that makes a purrfect little bed. Now I won’t let her take it out!

#SundaySelfie on a box #ChristyPaws www.christypaws.comAnd I defend it from all attackers.

Defending my box from Echo on #CatBoxSunday #ChristyPaws

Do you have a favorite box?

Have a great Sunday.

Christy Paws

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Sunday Selfies: Three Blue Eyes

My selfie with mom's eye

Mom was out of town for a couple of days and cheated on me with other kitties! Can you believe it? They are pretty cute though and she said they were so friendly she let them do a few selfies.

Meet our guest selfie posters, Jackie Boy and Miss Kitty

Jackie loved posing but Miss Kitty was shy like me and had a hard time looking at the stupid camera.

I think mom felt a little guilty about all this and agreed to let me post a photo that has her, wait for it, EYE in it. I keep trying.

Wishing you a restful, easy Sunday.

Christy Paws

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