Sunday Selfies: Peaches and Dinah

Dinah and Peaches

I’ve missed quite a few Sunday Selfies lately but I hope that is all in the past. I’ve been working on whipping the typist (aka mom) into shape. She’s doing pretty good so far — hey, it’s been a week already since we had our talk!

I know you were probably expecting a photo of me and my gorgeous blue eyes, but since the holidays are coming up when humans usually have a lot of visitors, I have decided to bring you a couple of guests today.

Mom was very busy last week with pet sitting. She was even gone overnight again one night! Why does she do that? Well, anyway, she took some photos and I picked out a few of one family.

This is Peaches. Selfies never really do a kitty justice, but just so you know, she is quite a stunning calico. Mom said Peaches tried to … Continue reading

Sunday Selfies on Monday

Theo extreme closeup

Whoa, this “Sunday Selfies on Monday” almost ended up being Sunday Selfies on Tuesday. Mom was pretty useless on Sunday. She seemed to think that cleaning the house was more important than finishing my post until Sunday night. Today, she went off all day with her cooking group to Apple Hill. Mom, you have to remember to push the “publish” button!

We didn’t want to skip this post because this weekend mom let another one of her pet sitting clients, Theo, try his hand at selfies. As you may know, I’m not that fond of dogs but I’m really trying to learn to like them. Mom says he is a very sweet one, but then she says that about all of them. I think he did a pretty good job on his selfies for his first time.

Theo extreme closeup Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: NOMS Day

In honor of NOMS Day (Not of My Species) I am sharing mom’s horse, Dancer.

Dancer 5914_028

Dancer 52515_013

And one more of Angel Asia.

Asia 2615_024

noms-badge-the-cat-realmSpeaking of Dancer, Ali, from Cat Scouts, is here visiting and she got to go on a trail ride this morning! I’ll be telling you all about it soon. Here’s a sneak peak — Ali couldn’t wait to get in the … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye — A Tribute to Asia

Saying Goodbye to Asia

Saying Goodbye to a Pet -- A Tribute to AsiaMom has the sads today. Her best friend, Kelly, and she will be saying goodbye to Kelly’s much loved woofie, Asia, this afternoon.

Mom has known Asia for almost eight years. Mom and Kelly were friends in Southern California before Kelly moved up north here about three years ago. Mom would take care of Asia when Kelly traveled for business so we met her a few times. She was always such a sweet woofie who never, ever chased us or had a cross word for us. Mom has even been on road trips and camping trips with Asia and says she was always a happy, easy going traveler.

Foster kitten, Ollie, snuggling up with Asia in 2011

Back in … Continue reading

Give Them an Inch

I’ve heard the expression, give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Well, that really applies to mom for the past few days. I gave her the weekend off from the blog because she had company visiting and mom really took advantage of me. She has taken almost a week off! Totally unacceptable!

Anyway, as I was saying, her good friend, Sheila, came to visit for the weekend. She was in Placerville with her horse, Ruger, for a clinic. Since it is so close, she wanted to come ride the beautiful trails here with mom and Kelly on her way home to Santa Maria. She arrived late Friday evening and they all got her horse settled in at Kelly’s.

Sheila stayed at our house. But, guess what she brought with her. Her big, hairy, slobbery dog, as my friend, Nellie, might say. Now, as you may know, I had a … Continue reading

Woofies I Never Want to Meet

Mom has done it again. She has gone off and left us alone and we miss her already! At least this time it is only for a few days and aunt Kelly will be taking good care of us.Woofies I Never Want to Meet - Great Danes

Mom and I prepared a couple of posts ahead of time but this one is spur of the moment and aunt Kelly is helping me with it. Mom sent us these photos. She thought we might like to see the woofies that live where she is staying since we just had a visit from Asia a few days ago.

The only thing we could say when we saw the photos was, holy cat! Would you look at the … Continue reading