Wordless Wednesday: NOMS Day

In honor of NOMS Day (Not of My Species) I am sharing mom’s horse, Dancer.

Dancer 5914_028

Dancer 52515_013

And one more of Angel Asia.

Asia 2615_024

noms-badge-the-cat-realmSpeaking of Dancer, Ali, from Cat Scouts, is here visiting and she got to go on a trail ride this morning! I’ll be telling you all about it soon. Here’s a sneak peak — Ali couldn’t wait … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies: On the Deck

Since the weather has been so beautiful here, I thought it would be nice to do my Sunday selfies on the deck this morning. The sun felt so good!

Even though Dancer doesn’t have her own blog to join up with The Cat on my Head, in the spirit of other animals joining in, mom helped her take some selfies. As you can see, she wasn’t very interested. Most of the time, her head was buried up to her eyeballs in her feeder looking for the tastiest bits.

Wishing you a bright, sunny day and the tastiest noms!

Christy Paws

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Sunday Selfies: Here’s Looking at You!

I actually took this week’s selfie last weekend but mom got so busy we missed both Caturday Art AND Sunday Selfies. I’m really trying to get her more organized but she always has so much to do. Since she is supposed to be semi-retired now and really taking care of herself, I hope she gets to slow down soon. This past week at least she has taken the time to ride Dancer several times. I know this really helps her relax. She always shows me the pictures and it sure is green out there!

Dancer and Sequoia

Anyway, here’s my selfie. Hope you like it.

SS Here's Looking at You Continue reading

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