One Burning Question

Today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day and I have just one burning question for mom. Why do you insist on continuing to torture me with the harness?

One Burning Question - Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Mom replies: Oh, Christy, you are doing so much better with the harness, how can it still be torture? To answer your question, I really, really want you to be able to go for walks outside. I think once you are used to it, you will enjoy it One Burning Question - Answer Your Cat's Questions Dayso much you will be sorry you fought it so hard. You love it … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Three Cat Night

This Wednesday is a little wordier than most of ours because I wanted to tell you about these photos. It has been a lot colder in the house for the past few days. Mom likes it cold at night so she turns the heat pretty low, but we haven’t had much heat even during the day. At least not to our liking. I think it has something to do with the way mom freaked out when the electric bill came a few days ago.

I never sleep under the covers, but very early this morning when mom lifted the covers and invited me in, I decided to take her up on it.

Christy under covers

Even Ocean, who usually gets kicked out of bed because he … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies: Kneady Ocean

I decided to let Ocean do the selfies this week. He has been very needy for the past week or so, spending a lot of time in mom’s lap when I’m not there and following her everywhere she goes. When she’s sitting down, about the only thing I leave her lap for is the heated bed!

The only problem with Ocean doing selfies was that he kept kneading the button and wouldn’t stop long enough to just push it, so all his photos except, finally, the last one of many, are blurry. He has pretty blue eyes, too, but they are not as spectacular as mine, if I do say so myself. I might as well. Everyone else does. Oh, that doesn’t sound very modest, does it?

Have a wonderful week.

Christy Paws

This is a blog hop hosted by The Cat on My Head. Click on the link or … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not

C&O with chicken treatsWhen mom first started making us raw food*, she left all the skin on the chicken. After a few months of eating this delicious concoction, we all started getting a little fluffy, as mom called it. A review of the website that the recipe came from said to remove some of the skin from the chicken if that happened.

Back then, mom was making 30+ pounds of food at a time. So by the time she removed about a third of the skin, that was a lot of skin. She hated to see it go to waste but didn’t know what she could do with it. She thought about the dogs she had as pet sitting clients and wondered … Continue reading

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