BlogPaws and Spring are Inspiring Us to Get Outdoors

OMC! I bet you can’t believe I’m posting but I just had to tell you some things.

Between spring being on the verge of happening and the BlogPaws Conference coming up next week, mom has gotten a bee in her bonnet. She says that even though we aren’t going to BlogPaws this year, it is inspiring her. She has gotten out all my harnesses and made me start wearing them. I got really used to wearing one when I got to go to BlogPaws in 2016. I haven’t worn one in a while so they feel a little strange. I was slinking a little at first but lots of treats helped me get over that pretty quickly!

Wearing my harness - BlogPaws and Spring are Inspiring Us to Get Outdoors

Yes, I still have this harness and it is still my favorite!

I wonder when I’ll get to go out in the yard on a leash. That dog that hates cats still lives next door and mom is a little concerned about that. He really freaked me out once! Click on the link and you can see a video of my first time out in the yard on my leash.

Mom says as soon as it stops raining long enough and dries out a little, I get to go out in my stroller. I bet it is dusty! It’s been stored away in the spare bedroom since last summer. I really enjoyed cruising around the neighborhood in it!

I was a little sad when she put it away because I like sleeping in it but she said it was in the way and I have lots of beds. Maybe when she gets it out I’ll sleep in it once in a while like in these photos from 2016 when I first got it.

Yawning in my stroller - throw back - BlogPaws and Spring are Inspiring Us to Get Outdoors

Dozing in my stroller - throw back - BlogPaws and Spring are Inspiring Us to Get OutdoorsSpeaking of beds, some might think we are a little spoiled. We have five heated beds for three kitties. Two are just for me so I can have a warm bed no matter where I am in the house. Living here is not like living in Southern California and it gets COLD here at night. It’s even too cold for us most of the time during the day, except in the summer when it is sometimes too hot, so we really like these beds.

I’ll be thinking of all my friends who are going to BlogPaws in Kansas City next week. Maybe I’ll get to see you next year.

Christy Paws

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9 Responses to BlogPaws and Spring are Inspiring Us to Get Outdoors

  1. Sorry to hear you don’t get to go to BlogPaws this year.. but that harness still looks good on you

  2. Deziz World says:

    Hey Christy, we sure have missed you. Me thinks ’bout ya’ all the time. Me knows mommy talks ’bout awnty Ava a lot too. She’s always sayin’ she oughtta give her a call, and then it just gets late and well…Sure wish we could see ya’ and hang out. Y, we could even go fur a stroll or somethin’. Wouldn’t that be fun? hope to see ya’ soon. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Summer says:

    How nice to see you again, Christy! I always seem to miss your Instagram posts. My human and I are going to BlogPaws and we are really excited after missing last year!

    • Christy Paws says:

      Hi Summer! I couldn’t go last year either because it was just too far and the flights were too long. I’m glad you get to go this year. I’ll miss seeing you. I hope I get to go next year!

  4. 15andmeowing says:

    Nice to see a post from you. I missed you.

  5. The Island Cats says:

    Christy, what fun for you to be able to get outside. The mom says she’s sorry to hear you’re not going BlogPaws this year…but she hopes she gets to see you again sometime.

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