Harness Training

Mom says we may be doing some traveling soon and she wants me to be able to get out of the car and go for walks with her. What? What is she talking about? Car? I never ride in the car. Oh, she says we will be practicing that too. What in the world is going on?

Beginning Harness Training

The first day she put the black harness on me, I refused to move with it on. It felt so strange – like someone had a hold of me by the chest. Echo got a harness on too. Why did he get the little purple one?

harness training

Why did he get the purple one?

The next day, mom tried the little purple one on me to see if I liked that kind better. Well, at least she got the colorharness training right. It felt like smaller hands but I still didn’t like it. I refused to move around with it on. I just laid on my chair, ignoring it. It did not go away.

The next day, she put a leash on it and actually expected me to walk like that. She asked me several times but didn’t force me. It didn’t matter. I just didn’t like the way it felt. I would walk a step or two hunched up like Quasimodo then lay down. (Bet you are surprised I know about him, huh?)

harness training - Christy PawsWhen we got to the door, I really put on the brakes. I’m not supposed to go out there. Even if the door gets left open I know I can’t go out. Now she is asking me to go out? I’m so confused.

A little more coaxing and I stepped out. The ground felt very different – hard and cold – kind of like the kitchen floor but different. Of course, I immediately laid down and checked it out with a roll.

Then, the best thing happened. Mom coaxed me to a sunny spot. This outside thing might not be so bad. Now, about that harness.

laying in the sun

Christy Paws

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8 Responses to Harness Training

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  2. Eeoww bee brave Christy Pawz!!
    Me waz too old when Mum reskued me to harness train me….
    Me wuud do Gatur ‘death roll’ n make da most loud screemz so dat was da end of dat idea 😉
    Me haz me own Condo which iz what me likez….butt ya will bee able to go fer walkz in da grass…now dat wuud bee lubly!
    Nylablue =^,,^=

    • Christy Paws says:

      I’m thinking I might be too old for this stuff too! I’m five now and mom wants to start harness training me? Well, I try for her. She says my brother Echo did the gator death roll when she first got him. I think she is going to write about him for tomorrow so I hope you will give his story a read.

      • EEoww yer five Christy?? Daty waz how old me waz when Mum gotted me. She tried when me waz allmost 6 n me went berserk; dat iz when she gott me a Condo!!
        Me finkz ya shuud give da harness fing a guud try…just fink ya can travell wif yer Mum n nott be stuck in a carrier…
        MOL Echo did da ‘death roll’ too?? Me Mum just stood wif her mouth hangin open fer da longest time n den she took da harness off me quicklee befur me cuud scratch her…
        When we watch critter showz n she seez a gator rollin she allwayz lookz at me!!! 😉

  3. Good luck with your harness training! None of us are very good at being on a harness. Sophie is the only one who likes to go outside on it. Hope you learn to love it!

  4. Hi Christy Paws, about that harness, it’s not so bad after awhile. I’ve had one for so long now ( 1 & 1/2 yrs) I don’t even think about it anymore except that when mom brings it out, it means I get to go out. It takes a little while to get used to so don’t give up. Here’s a video of me walking with mine….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJc1NLm5sXQ =^,,^=