Waste Not, Want Not

C&O with chicken treatsWhen mom first started making us raw food*, she left all the skin on the chicken. After a few months of eating this delicious concoction, we all started getting a little fluffy, as mom called it. A review of the website that the recipe came from said to remove some of the skin from the chicken if that happened.

Back then, mom was making 30+ pounds of food at a time. So by the time she removed about a third of the skin, that was a lot of skin. She hated to see it go to waste but didn’t know what she could do with it. She thought about the dogs she had as pet sitting clients and wondered if she could … Continue reading

Catnip Dreams

toys in nipWe love our nip and I know we’re not alone there. We love to smell it, roll in it and eat it.

Mom stores some of our mousies and other small toys in the catnip jar. When she takes them out to give them to us, oh boy, do they smell good! They soak up all those odors and are just wonderful.

After we play with our own for a while, we have to check out each other’s toys. If someone is silly enough to toss their toy into my area, I may just claim it too.

I’m looking forward to the spring when my gardener (that would be mom, of course) plants and tends my catnip and silvervine farm. I will oversee the cultivation of my plantation from the comfort of … Continue reading