Country Cousins Drop a Line

I am so excited! Mom just got an email from my country cousins. They live a very different life from me. Their humans let them go outside unsupervised and they have some really scary sounding adventures.  Here’s what their latest email said.

Dear City Cuzin Christy,

Magine how proud we was to hear that yur a big star. Yur own webthing and such.canned food won't come out and keeps going back in

Anyhow, we wanted to try sum of the things we herd about …Don’t care much for Canned fud, cuase ya can’t git it out, an it keeps goin back inside.

We find its much easier just to have the naybors over for lunch, then ya catchem an eatum. Lot easier than canned.

oreo getting a drinkIts been real hot here in the country lately, over a hundred degrees. Water is hard to come by but with our people havin indoor plumbing we do OK. Here cuzin Oreo havin hisself a drink.

Heres a pitcher of yur Aunt tiger with some new yungins. Now shes yur pas’ fathers Country Cousins Aunt Tiger and yungunsmoms half sister from up on the hill. Real nice folks but still upper hill sort, if ya know what I mean.

Here tho its pretty much the same. Git up, do yur bizness, git out in da fields and see whos runnin round.  Maybe catch a mouse fur lunch, (I finished half a yesterdees bird fur breakfast) then go fur a nap til yur people git home. Rub their legs an see if they smart nuff to feed ya. The littlnis seem smarter than the biggins.

out in the field

They gotta dog so one of us has to go smack him just so he remembers.

Country Cousin TJThen we sleep somor til about dark then the fun begins. We kin see them but they caint see us.

Its gittin dark so I gotsta go for now.Country Cousin TJ pawing at ....

Wes real proud of ya and hope we kin see ya sometime soon.

Love ya, Cuz

TJ, Oreo, Smokey, Aunt Tiger, and the kids

Sometimes, Cousin TJ’s emails make me blush with the things they do, like drinking out of the toilet. And can you imagine catching your own food, or even wanting to? Yuck. I’ve never even seen a real live mouse. Oh, and I think TJ has me confused with another cousin — there are a lot of them — since I am only his honorary cousin and no one knows who my pa is.

I had mom talk with their human recently about those “yungins” and they promised to get Aunt Tiger her surgery as soon as the time is right.

Sure was glad to hear from them. Hope it doesn’t take them so long to write again.

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4 Responses to Country Cousins Drop a Line

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  2. They sure do live a different life than we do. 🙂

  3. Wow what adventures yous countwy cousins hav. Weez liv in da countwy too, but weez inside kitties and nevew hav to catch ow own noms. Fank Catness. MOL Glad to hear dat yous awnty Tiger is gunna hav hers big girly surgery soon.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. Wow I’m glad I’m a city girl too!–Truffles