More Caturday Art Filters

Digital art photo of Christy Paws using extrude filer in Photoshop

Mom tried and tried to do something different in Photoshop for today’s Caturday Art but just couldn’t come up with anything she liked. She said the creative juices just weren’t flowing. Finally, she decided to just use a beautiful photo of me and see what she could do with it … Continue reading

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Not all Photo Apps are Created Equal

Mom thought she had a great idea for today’s Caturday Art. Since she has several photo apps, she thought she would take the same photo into each app, apply the same effect and compare them.

First, she took this adorable photo of me (she could have at least told me … Continue reading

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Caturday Art with SuperPhoto

A few days ago, I noticed a flood of photos on Instagram that looked like paintings. Of course, mom had to know the source and, with a little snooping of hashtags, she found a new app called SuperPhoto. She spent hours fiddling with different filters.

She’s not a fan of … Continue reading

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Caturday Art: Zapping Some Furry Friends

When mom does pet sitting, she takes lots of photos of her charges and emails or texts many of them to the pet parents. Sometimes, especially when the pet parents are gone for a long time, she creates some art to send as well.

Over the Christmas holiday, she had … Continue reading

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Caturday Art: May the Furs be with You

Mom hasn’t gotten to see the new Star Wars movie yet but, believe me, she will. She is older than dirt and stood in a long line to see the original at the theater — and she’s seen it many times! The only reason she hasn’t seen the new one … Continue reading

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Artful Holiday Cards

We are going to cheat a little for Caturday Art today. Mom hasn’t been feeling well and we are so behind on posting. We have caught up a little on commenting but are taking the easy way out on today’s post.

Mom was really being lazy not feeling well when … Continue reading

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Caturday Art: Blizzard

Caturday Art: Blizzard - Our First Snow

Although we didn’t have a blizzard, we did have our first snow on Wednesday. Not only was it our first snow of the season but our first snow ever since we moved here. That’s right. It never snowed last year. Mom was pretty excited about the snow but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Caturday Art: Hungry Kitty

What's this hungry kitty doing?

You know how the humans say you shouldn’t shop when you are hungry? Mom said maybe she shouldn’t work on Caturday art just before dinner. Those tri-tips do look pretty good to a hungry kitty. No need to cook them for me though. I’ll take them just the way they … Continue reading

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