Where’s Your ID Tag?

ID tag for identification

Boy, mom is really taking this “safe while traveling” thing pretty seriously. A few days ago, she made sure my microchip information was all recorded properly and up to date. Yesterday, I got a new collar. Really, is this necessary? The collar felt weird at first too, like the harness, but I got used to it pretty quickly. It doesn’t grab me around my chest. Mom thought that maybe if I get used to the collar, the harness will be easier. Time will tell.

ID tags for catsWhen she put the collar on, the confusing part was the dangly thing hanging from it that mom said was my ID tag. It’s to tell people how to contact her if I should accidentally escape. Right now, I can’t imagine that happening. If … Continue reading

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Harness Training

harness training - Christy Paws

Mom says we may be doing some traveling soon and she wants me to be able to get out of the car and go for walks with her. What? What is she talking about? Car? I never ride in the car. Oh, she says we will be practicing that too. What in the world is going on?

Beginning Harness Training

The first day she put the black harness on me, I refused to move with it on. It felt so strange – like someone had a hold of me by the chest. Echo got a harness on too. Why did he get the little purple one?

The next day, mom tried the little purple one on me to see if I liked that kind better. Well, at least she got the colorharness training Continue reading

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Cats with Blogs Can Make a Difference

There are so many rescue groups out there because there are so, so many of us in need. Humans with big hearts try to save kitties like me from an early and sad fate. As far as rescue groups go, my heart belongs to MeoowzResQ because they saved my life when I was hurt and scared. Thanks to them, I now live a great life with my human mom and adopted brothers and sisters.

Cats with Blogs Can Make a DifferenceI’ve watched my mom blog for a couple of years now and decided that my own blog would be a good way for me to help other kitties. I see that lots of you out there feel the same way. Cats with blogs can make a difference. … Continue reading

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Kittens Growing Up Together

Echo and Oceam

As kittens growing up together, my adopted brothers, Echo and Ocean, and I were very close, but not as close as they were, and are, to each other. As I told you in my introduction, I was mom’s third foster failure. Echo was #1 and Ocean was #2. Even after I came along, and no matter how many foster kitties were in the house, they were pretty much inseparable. You could almost always find them sleeping together.

They don’t cuddle much anymore but you will still usually find them near one another. It is kind of funny actually. They lay about three feet away from each other, which is exactly what they are doing right now.

Since I was young and still a little insecure when I first came into the home, I always tried to cuddle with one of the bigger boys. They accepted me right away and took good care … Continue reading

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Let Me Introduce Myself

Christy Paws

Christy Paws with castMy first recollection of life is from August of 2009. I was in a cage in a very scary place in a lot of pain. I was just a few weeks old but I had a broken leg and tail. I heard them talking about me and no one knew how it happened or how I got there. They talked about something called euthanasia if a rescue didn’t save me. I didn’t know what that meant then, but my human mom has told me about it since and I guess I’m a very lucky kitty.

I was a pretty cute kitten, if I do say so myself, and I just wanted to love on everyone even though I was in pain. The shelter staff asked … Continue reading

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