Lionesses and a Green-Eyed Beauty

You may have read a few weeks ago that I finally got to join Cat Scouts. When the scouts started traveling with their flats, I just couldn’t stand it any more. I begged mom to let me join and she gave in! I really wanted to go visit some of my friends.

Me & Tristy 168_2672

When Flat Traveling Christy, aka Tristy, was finished, I gave my paw of approval

My friend, Dezi of DezizWorld, was just going to host scout visitors because her mom didn’t have the green papers for a flat and to send Dezi traveling. While mom was making my flat, she had an idea and sent an email to Dezi’s mom. The end result? Dezi and I, that is Izzy and Tristy, will be traveling the world together! OMC! What adventures we are going to have. We are calling the saga of our travels Lionesses on the Prowl!

Izzy and Tristy hanging out on the big cat tree before they head out to Canada

Izzy and Tristy hanging out on the big cat tree before they head out to Canada

When our flats were ready, mom was in such a hurry to get them on their way, she didn’t take them horseback riding before they left. I’m sure they’ll get a great ride when they return from their first few visits. Our flats headed off to The Canadian Cats but Shoko didn’t know Dezi, aka Izzy, was coming! I think she was quite surprised.

Now, on to the serious business of this post. I just learned about the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop which starts on Tuesday each week so I am a day late, but beginning next week, we will feature our adoptable kitty on Tuesday rather than Friday.Adopt Baby -- Green-Eyed Beauty

Available for Adoption from A-Pal Humane Society

Adopt Baby

This adorable 6-month-old girl was turned in to the shelter as a stray when she was four months old. She is a sweet, playful beauty with bright green eyes. She can be seen at the Feed Barn in Jackson, CA. This girl has been spayed and has had all of her shots, including rabies!

Adopt Baby -- Green-Eyed Beauty
Adopt Baby -- Green-Eyed Beauty

Please share to help Baby find her forever home.

Christy Paws


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16 Responses to Lionesses and a Green-Eyed Beauty

  1. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Baby is precious! Sharing.

  2. Your mom had a very cool idea ! It’s going to be so much fun travelling together ! Purrs

  3. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    R internetz thiz week haz been like a lite switch…off…on…off…on….out…..stoppin bye two say Hi while de spazzed thing iz still….ON~~~~~~

  4. What fun you are going to have!!!
    Oh yes the Tuesday Tails Blog Hop is fabulous!!
    We have posted on their Facebook page on days other than Tuesdays too and they are super nice that they always share no matter what the day is.
    Have a great day!

  5. speedyrabbit says:

    Woohoo you get to have fun adventures after all,and you have Dezi with you too,pawsome.Baby is sure a cutie,xx Speedy

  6. Have fun on your trip 🙂
    We purr baby will get a home.
    She is very cute!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Woowee, we are having a hoot up here in Canada. Tristy and Izzy are perfect house guests. Quiet…except when the other flats, Kali and I get together and partake of the nip. You can hear us a singing up a storm in the backyard..

    Baby is a gorgeous girl and if she was up here she would probably be adopted all ready.


  8. Penelope says:

    That is so great that yous is travelling with Dezi and Lexi! They is going to LOVES being part of the 3 Amigos!

  9. Raven says:

    Sounds like you’re all going to have lots of fun adventures together.

  10. meowmeowmans says:

    Baby is so cute! We hope she finds a forever home very soon.

    Have fun traveling, Izzy and Tristy!

  11. Summer says:

    OMC, Baby is precious!

  12. Ellen Pilch says:

    That was very sweet of you to let Dezi travel with you. I hope you are both coming to see us soon .

  13. Kitties Blue says:

    Your mom is so kind to arrange it so that Dezi and you can go traveling together. Maybe you can come and visit us at sometime. Charles is here right now. Sending purrs and prayers to Baby. Can’t believe she’s been waiting a couple months for adoption. She’s gorgeous. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. She’s so adowable. And weez sure to have a blast twavelin wound Christy. Or shuld me say Tristy and Izzy will. Weez sharin and purrayin fur a pawsum home.

    Luv ya

    Dezi and Lexi

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