Let Me Introduce Myself

Christy Paws with castMy first recollection of life is from August of 2009. I was in a cage in a very scary place in a lot of pain. I was just a few weeks old but I had a broken leg and tail. I heard them talking about me and no one knew how it happened or how I got there. They talked about something called euthanasia if a rescue didn’t save me. I didn’t know what that meant then, but my human mom has told me about it since and I guess I’m a very lucky kitty.

I was a pretty cute kitten, if I do say so myself, and I just wanted to love on everyone even though I was in pain. The shelter staff asked MeoowzResQ to help me and they said yes! They took me to the hospital, another scary place with cages, where they fixed my leg. Part of my tail had to be removed so now I have this cute little half-tail.

Oh, and somewhere along the line, not sure if it was at the shelter or from the rescue, I was given the name Christy Paws. Silly humans. I heard it was originally Christopher Paws, as if this gorgeous face could belong to a boy!

After a few days at the hospital, someone from the rescue, my temporary foster, came to get me and take me Christy Paws with casthome. I came to my foster home with another kitty named Earl Gray who also had a broken leg. For the first time in a long time I started to feel safe. I needed a few weeks of rest and recreation, oops, I mean recuperation, before I could be adopted. I turned on the charm with my foster mom and she just couldn’t resist me. I became her third foster failure. She explained this term to me and I began wondering if she was cut out for this fostering thing. There were a few kitties she let go of before me but I wasn’t the last failure! I love all my adopted brothers and sisters very much: Echo, Ocean, Fontana and Philly. Each one has their own special story.

Since 2009, my human mom has fostered hundreds of kitties. Thank goodness she couldn’t keep them all! I am the queen of the house and help with all these other kitties, but I prefer having her attention all to myself.

Life has pretty much been the same for me day in and day out for the past five years, but mom says there is a big change coming for us. She says things aren’t definite yet, so I’m not sure what will be happening. I’m kind of excited for a change though!

I hope many of you will stop by and introduce yourselves! I look forward to meeting you.

Christy Paws

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