Let the Catification Begin

When mom was in southern California packing up the rest of our belongings, she attended a fund raising event Scorewhere she won some great stuff including the Catification book by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin. (You may have read about this on my Facebook page.) I said when I heard about this that I hoped her first project at the new house would be a window shelf. Well, guess what. It was!

We have three great towers that are at window level, but only two are over the wall heaters where it is always toasty warm. Those are the two we like best but there are three of us. Someone is always left out. It is usually Echo because if he has a spot, Ocean will push him off if he decides he wants it. I don’t put up with that from Ocean but Echo is such a gentle soul that he just lets Ocean have whatever he wants.

Mom did some research and settled on a shelf that had good reviews for safety and stability as well as ease of installation. When she ordered it, Amazon said it would arrive this week sometime but it arrived on Saturday. It was raining that day and our mail box is in a small bank of boxes down the street. They called from the post office to be sure mom was home so they could deliver it to the house and not leave it out in the rain. Mom says you’ve got to love a small town.

Catification - window shelf

When mom opened the package, of course we all had to inspect the box. It seemed like it was packaged very securely. I claimed the paper fort and defended it from all attackers while mom assembled the shelf.

First I had to inspect the box

First I had to inspect the box

Then Ocean had to inspect it

Then Ocean had to inspect it

I defended my paper fort from all attackers

I defended my paper fort from all attackers

Even Ocean couldn't drive me out

Even Ocean couldn’t drive me out

It looked like it couldn’t have been much easier to assemble. Absolutely no tools required – not even a screw driver. The hardest part was waiting the eight hours for the tape to set up before the shelf could actually be put on for us to try out. By that time, it was dark out and there was nothing for us to see out the window. Not the best planning, mom.

Catification - window shelf

The next day, I tried it out first thing and claimed it as mine. I stayed there almost all day. The minute I left, who do you think took it over? You guessed it. Ocean. We kind of take turns now and I don’t mind sharing.




Can’t wait to see what the next catification project is!

Christy Paws

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16 Responses to Let the Catification Begin

  1. Way to defend the fort! Glad everyone has a spot now too 🙂

  2. I’m actually going to look into this. I’ve been wanting to get Truffles a window perch but I hate the idea of having to screw it into the wall. Sounds like this one doesn’t require that!

  3. We have that same window seat! It is great. Or it was…. unfortunately our new house doesn’t have window sills. Can you believe it?! Lots of windows, but no window sills!! So there is nothing to attach it to. Right now it is sitting in a closet in hopes that one day it will be useable again!

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  5. How cool ! What’s next ? Purrs

  6. Raven says:

    I have a window shelf and I love it. I’m hoping mom will put another one in our bathroom because I’m just a little to big for the narrow window sill.

  7. Penelope says:

    Wowwie! That is one cool shelf! We has a hammock that attaches to the window. Ninja has one in him and my human brother’s bedroom and wes has one in the dining room, and they is right over the radiator and wes LOVES them! There is nothing like a heated bed!
    Enjoy and tells us about your bird TV!

  8. What a cool shelf! You can see all sorts of stuff outside when you’re sitting there. It looks like you’re all gonna really like your new house.

  9. Oh Wow dat is so pawsum!!! Weez used to hav a window perch but ows didn’t hav a board in it and wiff us bein’ so, well, large, it had begun to dwoop., Okay it wuz past beginnin’ too, and it sunk almost to da gwound, so weez just didn’t use it much anymowe. And cuz of ow size mommy’s been a little fwaid to even fink ’bout gettin’ us anudder one. But we did get da same book. Weez won ows too. MOL Can’t wait to see what yous mommy duz nex.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Christy Paws says:

      Hi girls. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry your perch doesn’t work anymore. This shelf is supposed to hold up to 25 pounds but they make a slightly larger one for multiple cats that is supposed to hold up to 65 pounds!! Something for your mom to think about. I’ll keep you all posted on future projects. Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…yur new shelf iz way kewl !! enjoy… N we hope ya due knot hafta look at BURDZ out de window ♥♥


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