The Making of Flat Me

Finished flat me

When we decided I was not going to go to BlogPaws, mom was sad because so many other kitties would be there and she wanted me to be with her. But I was very slow to take to the harness and mom wasn’t very consistent with my training. I went on my first walk in the yard, actually off the patio, the end of March. Here’s my video!

On my second walk in the yard, I had a really bad experience with Dieter, the dog next door who lives with mom’s friend, Kelly. I was out walking around my yard when Dieter came outside. He looked curious and we walked over near the fence. Then the most horrible thing happened. He started screeching and screaming so loud that it nearly scared me to death! I pulled and pulled on the leash. I tried to get away and Dieter started lunging … Continue reading

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