I Need a Travel Carrier

Christy Paws - I Need a Travel CarrierMom has halfheartedly been looking for a new travel carrier for me for a while now. By that, I mean that if she happened to be passing a pet store, she would go in and look. So far, she hasn’t found what she wants. She wants a soft carrier on wheels since I am a pretty big girl. I weigh 11 pounds – solid as a rock – no fat here. Well, maybe a little flab since I probably don’t get enough exercise. Mom says she hopes to change the exercise thing for all of us, including her, after we move. But I digress. Back to the carrier.

We have a hard carrier that Echo will use for our trip to our new house. Since we need a second one, mom wanted to get one that I will be able to use for future travel and is easier for her.

She has looked on line and found a couple that look good but now time is running short to order and it is so hard tosnoozer-roll-around-4-1-carriers1 tell from a description and a photo if you will really like something. Mom needs to find a pet store that has a better selection of carriers! You would think that would be easy in such a populated area, but we have a few chains here that dominate the pet market and they all carry basically the same things.

After researching local pet stores online, it looks like mom needs to make a trip to Fashion Island in Newport Beach. A store there carries two brands of rolling carriers. Hopefully, they will have them in stock and mom will like one.

She’s not sure when she will have time to go, but I’ll let you know what she comes up with. She had better get a move on, though. Time is running out!

Christy Paws

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11 Responses to I Need a Travel Carrier

  1. Yow Christy pawz dem carrierz wif wheelz look snazzie!!
    Me wishez me wuud had one of dem; me haz a little purple carrier…iz okayz butt on bad dayz (fer Mum) she haz trubble carryin me….
    WE hopez yer Mum figurez out what to get ya n me votez fer purple too 😉
    **paw kissez** Nylablue xxx

  2. Those look nice Christy. Waffles or Summer both have nice ones, you could ask their mom’s on their blogs. Good luck to your Mom!

    • Christy Paws says:

      I have seen Summer’s and I do like it a lot. Plus, I think it comes in purple! I don’t think I’ve seen Waffle’s. I also like Bailey’s of Bailey Boat Cat. I hope mom gets to go shopping this weekend!

  3. None of ours have wheels – but Waffles’ carrier attaches to wheels, you might ask her where she got the Waffle Wagon!

  4. Those in the picture look really nice. The mom would like to get us one of those…’specially one on wheels to make it easier to get us to where we got to go.

  5. This is the first time I see pet carriers like this.

  6. christy….due knot laff….but tell yur mom ta look at small/medium dog carriers…they make em soft sided N most oh de time they will have wheels for cruisin !! ♥

  7. Dat’s pawsum. Weez hav one dat be made of leather so it be soft sided and has wheels dat yous can put on or take off and it be made by da vewy famous luggage company. Petsmawt be da one dat carries it. But, and here’s da biggy, a while back one of ow wunnewful furiends bought us a stwoller. Weez luv it. And as yous know weez be vewy big girlys at 30 pounds each, and weez boff fit fine and still have room fur standin’, sittin’ and layin’. Just sayin’. And ifin yous buy fwum amazon, they can get it to yous in a kupple days. Good luck, can’t wait to find out whatcha get.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Christy Paws says:

      Mom really likes the stroller idea and may get us one after we move. That way, both of us could go out for a walk. We’ll have to see how Echo and I do when we are the only two kitties because I’m not that fond of having other kitties very close to me.

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