How to Avoid a Flea Infestation

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Christy's take on how to avoid a flea infestation

Christy here with my take on how to avoid a flea infestation

Have you ever had a flea infestation in your house? Hopefully, your answer is no because fleas are no fun and an infestation is a nightmare. I know because we have had an infestation — TWICE! How on earth could that happen, you ask. Well, let me tell you.

The first infestation started back in the summer of 2009, just before we came to live with mom. Mom took care of a friend’s dog while her friend was on vacation. The dog was scratching a little but mom didn’t think much about it. Mom started fostering that summer, but all us kitties were flea treated before we came. In spite of that, in the summer of 2010, we had our first infestation. Thousands of fleas started hatching all at once. Even mom was bothered by them. They were EVERYWHERE! It was so awful and we couldn’t stop scratching. Poor mom tried everything to get rid of them. It took months of flea treatments as well as treating the house. You can read the post mom wrote about this here.

Now, you’d think mom had learned her lesson, and indeed, she thought she had. From then on, to make sure fleas never got a foothold again, she treated us monthly, even in the winter, with a spot-on treatment and made sure all the foster cats and kittens were treated monthly.

The longer mom volunteered for the rescue, the more things she began doing for them. After a couple of flea-free years, one thing she started doing was buying a lot of their medical supplies, including flea medications. Another rescuer told our rescue about a discount source for some of these things. It seemed like a good deal and mom started ordering from them. The fosters kept complaining about not being able to get rid of fleas but mom didn’t take it too seriously and just figured they weren’t being diligent about applying the flea medication. But when the telltale signs started appearing at our house, she began to investigate the issue.  Turns out, the discount supplier was selling her regular Advantage (without the IGR) rather than the Advantage II she thought she was buying. You can read all the gory details about this here.

Prevention is the Best Way to Avoid a Flea Infestation

The flea life cycle is a long story, so I’m not going to tell you about it now. Just know that it is really hard to break once it gets started. What I do want to tell you is how important it is to use a flea treatment that contains an insect growth regulator (IGR). This ingredient (completely safe for mammals) keeps hatching eggs from growing into adult fleas and is really the only way to break that life cycle.

And that brings me to a new product from True Science — PetAction™ Plus. This spot-on flea treatment contains the same active ingredients as prevention is the best way to avoid a flea infestationFrontline Plus, which is what mom has been using on us since we moved last year. Mom was excited to try this new product as it is available from Walmart and Sam’s Club (and a few other places) at a very reasonable price. In fact, when we were evacuated, the lady who owns the ranch where she took the horses says PetAction™ Plus is what she uses on her pets for that very reason — a quality product for a reasonable price. Since we don’t have fleas now, there’s no way to tell how effective the product is, but since it has the same ingredients as what we’ve been treated with for over a year, chances are it works pretty good. For more information about the product and a $3 off coupon, you can visit

PetAction™ Plus is a fast-acting, long-lasting, waterproof, convenient spot treatment for the control of fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice.

I know some of you are thinking that you don’t like to use these kinds of products and want to go the natural route. Let me tell you right now, mom tried all those and it just prolonged our suffering. According to information from Kansas State University, “Controlled on-animal and off-animal studies have shown that ultrasonic flea collars and other ultrasonic devices do not repel fleas, affect jumping rates, interfere with reproduction or alter flea development. The use of brewers’ yeast, garlic, B-complex vitamins and elemental sulfur products as flea repellents is common practice. Controlled studies have shown that these materials are not effective flea repellents.”

Now that we live in an area with a colder climate in the winter, mom will probably not treat us during those months, but if you live in an area that is warm year-round, year-round treatment should be considered. And don’t get lulled into thinking you are immune if you are a indoor-only kitty. Fleas are sneaky and can hitch a ride in from outdoors on your human’s clothes or come in on a visiting friend. We have lots of feral kitties in our neighborhood, so I know some of those bitey things lurk out there!

Wishing you a flea-free life.

Christy Paws

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18 Responses to How to Avoid a Flea Infestation

  1. Mark says:

    The worst is when you track them into your car. Talk about a driving distraction!

  2. When we lived in the lower mainland we had an invasion of fleas. I managed to get rid of the buggars but it wasn’t easy.
    All the vets up here say it is too cold for fleas. My question? What about dogs visiting from the lower mainland? They are only up here in the summer so I feel the cats may be more vulnerable around these animals. Lucky us that we don’t see animals from the lower mainland.


  3. Mee not had fleas because LadyMum doess Spot-On treetmint butt shee not like Zodiac anymore…wee will look fur thee stuff you rote about!
    LadyMum has had fleas once with Aunty Nylablue an once with Aunty Mingflower….so shee iss xtra carefull now!
    As wee have long Winterss Novembur thru till April shee doess not do treetmint but once May omess treetmintss start 😉
    Fankss fur a good bloggie post Christy!
    **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  4. Fleas, we only had them once, the dog next door had them and the jumped into our appartement.
    Not funny.
    Since we are on raw food, we don’t have any flees. The last time we had a flee treatment is 4 years ago.
    Lucky us,

  5. Basil says:

    Thanks for sharing, if we ever get a flea infestation we now know what to use to deal with it! But hopefully we won’t! MOL 😉


    Basil xox

  6. Had a major flea infestation with Sweet Praline. I think the pet sitter brought them in from some of the pets she was sitting. Had to eventually get her out of the house and have the entire house treated.

  7. Weez wunnered ifin this was any good. We get tweated year wound cuz it generally dusn’t get cold enuff long enuff here to kill those buggers off. MOL Mommy sez she and Shad had an infestation shortly after hers accident when she was on so much medicine dat she wasn’t very coherent, and stoppin’ ’em was near impawssible. They got rid of ’em but Shad got da tape worm and had to be tweated fur dat too duwin’ da whole mess. Gweat review.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Connie says:

    I really hate fleas

  9. Fleas are nasty sneaky critters ! Mum is very careful ; flea eggs can survive for a very long time in a house, we don’t have carpets and she keeps the house very clean. Purrs

  10. speedyrabbit says:

    I have to be careful about flea products ,us bunnies a sensitive to this sort of thing,xx Speedy

  11. Raven says:

    We’re all for being natural, but not when it comes to fleas. You gotta get those nasties quickly and effectively, and modern chemicals are definitely the way to go!! You have to kill the adults and interrupt their life cycle., and house-clean like your life depends on it. Glad you found something safe and effective that you like.

  12. Summer says:

    I have to be careful of fleas because I do go out sometimes. Even if it’s just on a harness and leash, those fleas might still find me!

  13. We’ve been very lucky and have not had a flea problem.

  14. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    Christy !!!! hay, nice ta see ewe guys again…hope all iz well, safe & sound ♥♥♥ sad lee, therz been a fleez infest at trout towne…..R cusin de dawg bringed em in…. when him waz vistin a few bak….letz just say we wood troo lee rather heer burd song….. than go thru that again ~~~

  15. Ellen Pilch says:

    We had fleas last summer-what a nightmare, an expensive one.

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