Woofies I Never Want to Meet

Mom has done it again. She has gone off and left us alone and we miss her already! At least this time it is only for a few days and aunt Kelly will be taking good care of us.Woofies I Never Want to Meet - Great Danes

Mom and I prepared a couple of posts ahead of time but this one is spur of the moment and aunt Kelly is helping me with it. Mom sent us these photos. She thought we might like to see the woofies that live where she is staying since we just had a visit from Asia a few days ago.

The only thing we could say when we saw the photos was, holy cat! Would you look at … Continue reading

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Helping Less Adoptable Pets

The celebration of Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week is coming to a close on Saturday, but less adoptable pets need our help all year long. Pets considered less adoptable wait for a forever home many times longer than a cute kitten or puppy. What animals wait the longest? Petfinder conducted a survey and here is what it showed:


Petfinder created Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet Week in 2009 to help bring awareness to the plight of these special, unusual, or sometimes too common, pets.


The pets with special needs group can include blind, deaf, missing or deformed limbs, FIV+, and any other conditionHelping less adoptable  … <a href= Continue reading

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Echo’s Story

Mom loves to tell us the story of how Echo came into her life. It all began with another kitty named Topper.

Mom found Topper when he was a tiny baby. She was at the stable where her horses lived. She and a friend were walking down the stall isle when they heard pitiful little cries. They looked around and finally found him hiding among some trash cans. Mom took him home and he sat right in her lap the whole way. Mom said that was pretty amazing for a little feral kitty. He made himself at home immediately.

When Topper was about two years old, he escaped from the house. The patio screen door was open a few inches in the morning when mom got up. Either someone had left it open or he had opened it! Mom looked for him for weeks and was so sad. Her search for … Continue reading

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MeoowzResQ Saves Lives

I want to tell you more about the wonderful organization that saved my life as well as the lives of my adopted brothers and sisters. This is what mom has told me about them.

With most people, rescuing sneaks up on you gradually. MeoowzResQ started with one woman, founder Dani Ryan, who agreed to help a co-worker out with some feral bottle babies. Then she took up volunteering at a local shelter and with another rescue group.

feeding bottle babySoon, she and another friend, Judith, hooked up to save bottle babies from their local county shelter. It was Friday, April 20, 2001, Dani’s birthday, when she was asked to come down to the shelter and pick up a litter of kittens. To her surprise, when she arrived, there were 21 babies that would be euthanized if she did not take them. What would she do? … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfies: Black is Beautiful

I just read the silliest thing on Facebook. An article in the Birmingham Mail says that now Facebook is responsible for black cats not getting adopted. As if they didn’t already have enough problems! The article goes on to say, “Black cats are said to photograph poorly for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the like, with more colourful felines pre-furred. Owners just don’t like snapping selfies with them.”Black cat selfie

Really? I think this was just a publicity ploy for Cats Protection Birmingham (and I’m all for whatever it takes to get a kitty adopted) but mom took it as a challenge. Since we have little Beyonce, the foster kitten, here with us, mom decided she should learn at an early age how … Continue reading

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Foster Kittens JayZ and Beyonce

We’ve had some MeoowzResQ foster kittens in the house for about a week now but none of us bigger cats have gotten to see them yet. They are upstairs in the kitty room because they are sick and getting medication. Mom says they have an upper respiratory infection. Mom took some photos of them though and they look pretty cute! They don’t look so sick to me!

foster kittens JayZ and Beyonce

Mom says they are both so sweet. The black one holds mom’s face with her paws and kisses her nose. She had a hard time getting a picture of her. Mom says she is a ball of energy and is always on the move or wants to be in her lap and won’t … Continue reading

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Cats with Blogs Can Make a Difference

There are so many rescue groups out there because there are so, so many of us in need. Humans with big hearts try to save kitties like me from an early and sad fate. As far as rescue groups go, my heart belongs to MeoowzResQ because they saved my life when I was hurt and scared. Thanks to them, I now live a great life with my human mom and adopted brothers and sisters.

Cats with Blogs Can Make a DifferenceI’ve watched my mom blog for a couple of years now and decided that my own blog would be a good way for me to help other kitties. I see that lots of you out there feel the same way. Cats with blogs can make a difference. … Continue reading

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Kittens Growing Up Together

Echo and Oceam

As kittens growing up together, my adopted brothers, Echo and Ocean, and I were very close, but not as close as they were, and are, to each other. As I told you in my introduction, I was mom’s third foster failure. Echo was #1 and Ocean was #2. Even after I came along, and no matter how many foster kitties were in the house, they were pretty much inseparable. You could almost always find them sleeping together.

They don’t cuddle much anymore but you will still usually find them near one another. It is kind of funny actually. They lay about three feet away from each other, which is exactly what they are doing right now.

Since I was young and still a little insecure when I first came into the home, I always tried to cuddle with one of the bigger boys. They accepted me right away and took good care … Continue reading

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