Regarding My Absence

Pensive Christy -- thinking about what has been going on during my absence

Good morning my dear friends and furiends! I haven’t been around much lately and I feel like a terrible furiend, but my typist has been very busy. She even told me she has had to rethink things about my blog. You see, when we started this blog, mom was recovering from a serious illness and needed something to lighten things up. After we moved here and she started feeling better, she knew it was time to start thinking about making some money to supplement her retirement income. She learned about monetizing a blog and we tried to do that with mine but it just isn’t growing very much and I don’t have enough readers to make it happen. I have a lot of followers on social media but most of them just don’t visit my blog.

Pensive Christy -- thinking about what  … <a href= Continue reading

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Rain is Coming

heated bed

I was planning to post about bird TV yesterday but mom got too busy to type for me. The weather TV is predicting 3″ of rain over the next five days and mom needed to do some work on horse sister Dancer’s stall.

Off she went yesterday morning to do some shopping. She said she was so glad it wasn’t the usual kind of Black Friday shopping because she hates crowds. She and Kelly and fur buddy Dieter went to Tractor Supply for mats for the stall. What a pleasant surprise she got when the stall mats were $10 off for Black Friday. When you are buying eight, that’s a big savings!

While she was at Tractor Supply she also bought some bird feeders which she had been promising us but I guess she won’t be able to put them up until the rain stops. This will surely bring in some … Continue reading

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Wow, it seems like forever since I’ve written a post and been able to visit my friends. I missed you all so much and have so much to tell you!

There is still a lot for mom to do here in the new house, but the move itself is finally complete. We all came up on October 22nd with the furniture and the majority of what was getting moved. When mom was packing, she made sure she had all of our stuff! She wanted us to feel as much at home as possible, especially since she wouldn’t be here with us for 2 1/2 weeks!in u-haul

Everything was loaded in a big U-Haul truck which mom drove. Echo, Ocean and I were in our carriers (mom never did have time to get me … Continue reading

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What’s in the Bag?

Moving has created a lot of extra work for me. I’ve had to do so much supervising and inspecting.

What's in the bag 1

Boxes and bags everywhere have required my attention.

What's in the bag 2

What is in here and do we really need it?

What's in the bag 3

OK. It passes inspection. Now I need to rest before I move on to the next one.

What's in the bag 4 Continue reading

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Unexpected Treasure

It looks like this move thing is really happening. The house is a disaster! There are boxes everywhere and furniture is getting moved around. It is so hard to imagine that this will actually take place in just 2 1/2 weeks! How can everything possibly be done in that amount of time? I’m supervising, of course, but it seems mom is just not moving fast enough!

The cat room is completely torn apart. The cat room was a wonderful place. It is where mom kept the foster kitties when they first came to stay with us. There were some large wire crates in there for kitties that needed to have movement restricted after surgery or for any other reason that they needed to be confined. There were great cat trees and a comfortable chair. We got to go in when there were no kitties in it … Continue reading

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