Cats and Water – 8 ways to get them to drink more

Cats drinking water -- it's just not in our nature. Click on the link to read about cats and water and 8 ways to get them to drink more.

Friends and furiends, today I want to talk to you about a very important subject: water. It is second in importance to our survival only next to oxygen, yet many of us don’t drink much of it. We just don’t seem to have a strong drive to drink. Why is that, you wonder? It is because, in nature, we would get most of our water from our food. If we got our water from our food, we wouldn’t need to drink much water. Cats drinking water — it’s just not in our nature. Quite a conundrum, isn’t it?

Cats and Water

I know there are some outdoor kitties who do hunt for their own food, but that is not the case for most pet cats and especially for those of us who are pampered, indoor kitties. I, for one, wouldn’t know what to do with a real, live mouse. I mean, … Continue reading

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