Sunday Selfies: Twofer

I took my selfies before dawn this morning. Mom was dozing off after checking emails on her phone so I grabbed it. The photos are a little dark because I don’t know how to turn on the flashy. I don’t like it anyway so it is just as well. As you can see, somehow I got that mancat Echo in this photo so I tried another one.

Selfie before dawn 1Oh, look, is that a halo over my head?

Selfie before dawn 2Have a Happy Sunday.

Christie Paws

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Sunday Selfies: I Crack Myself Up

This photo made me laugh. I accidentally pushed the button when I yawned! Mom says I shouldn’t use it but I think it is funny so I insisted. Who’s blog is it, anyway? You might think I was competing with Ocean for the biggest yawn. I almost got mom in too! Bet she really wouldn’t have let me use it then.

Selfie1 11-30Then I forgot to look at the camera when I pushed the button.

Selfie2 11-30Can we be done now?

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Sunday Selfies: Annoyed

Mom wanted me to take my selfies yesterday but I was a little miffed at her. Can you tell? She was making me wear the harness again — all day! Well, it seemed like all day. I did not want to look at the camera or push that stupid little button.

Harness selfiesFinally, I begrudgingly gave in. I decided that she does do some nice things for me and I hadn’t had dinner yet.

Harness selfie

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Sunday Selfies: Ocean’s Turn

Ocean said he was feeling a little left out, what with mom taking pictures of me all the time and me writing my blog and even writing about Echo’s story a few days ago. So, being the gracious feline that I am, I told him he could do the Sunday Selfies this week.

Since it was his first time with the camera, he had a tough time figuring out how to get both sides of his face in the photo at once.

Sunday Selfies: Ocean's TurnHe kept getting one side and then the other.

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