Wordless Wednesday: Not Today

Hurry already!

Humans seem to have a lot of difficulties with “technical issues.” Mom had one this morning. Very early, she was getting ready to download photos she took yesterday. She had just the photo in mind she wanted to use for today. She had pulled out her little Nikon CoolPix to start carrying on trail rides and spent several hours torturing photographing us yesterday, figuring out how all the settings and adjustments worked. She had taken dozens, no more, pictures. So she plugged it in to download and, suddenly, nada, nothing except the green light flashing. It wouldn’t turn on, the lens wouldn’t retract, and of course, no download.

Why am I telling you this? Well, remember I told you she had just the photo picked out. She had a title and everything. Poor thing. She is old and slow very methodical and likes to plan. It took her a long time to … Continue reading

Sunday Selfies: Super Selfies

Hi All! It is Super Bowl Sunday. Is that a special day for you? Well, not here. We are not sports fans but we will be doing some other special things today.

Mom has really ramped up the harness training, as I have mentioned before. Sometimes, she even puts it on me first thing in the morning — like today. I was trying to do my selfies but the harness kept distracting me. I’m really not as grumpy about it as I look. I’m doing much better with it. It just kept interfering with my concentration. Selfies are hard enough without having to deal with things like that.

OK, got to run. The Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel is starting.

Have a Super Sunday,

Christy Paws

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Sunday Selfies: An Obsession

OK, someone out there in blogville has created a monster, maybe several of you. Mom finally took the time to check out piZap and now she is even more obsessed with her digital art. If you don’t believe me, just check out my selfies. She could not leave well enough alone. She was checking out all the different things you can do with it. And the worst part was, our breakfast was late!!!

Echo photobomb

I was trying to take a selfie to show you the view of our front yard and look who jumps in! Another photo-bomb by Echo.

oops pizap

So, forget the view. I tried … Continue reading

Sunday Selfies: Kneady Ocean

I decided to let Ocean do the selfies this week. He has been very needy for the past week or so, spending a lot of time in mom’s lap when I’m not there and following her everywhere she goes. When she’s sitting down, about the only thing I leave her lap for is the heated bed!

The only problem with Ocean doing selfies was that he kept kneading the button and wouldn’t stop long enough to just push it, so all his photos except, finally, the last one of many, are blurry. He has pretty blue eyes, too, but they are not as spectacular as mine, if I do say so myself. I might as well. Everyone else does. Oh, that doesn’t sound very modest, does it?

Have a wonderful week.

Christy Paws

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Sunday Selfies: Almost Missed It

Whoa Nellie! Sunday is almost over and I just reminded mom that she never posted my selfies today. I took them earlier, then mom started cooking and cleaning and doing laundry — well, I’m sure you’ve heard the excuses. Any way, here they are. I took them while I was in my favorite window waiting for the sun puddles.

SS comp 12-28-14

Hope you had a super Sunday.

Christie Paws

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Sunday Selfies: The Three of Us

So, it’s Sunday again and time for selfies. Some Sundays I’m up for this but not today. I was peacefully napping in my favorite spot when along came mom. Mom kept sticking the phone in my face and I kept kicking it away. I took this one with my back paws doing just that!

SS Christy1

Since the moms wasn’t going away, I reluctantly agreed to try. Literally 12 shots later, I finally gave her a shot she was happy with.

SS Christy 2

Since this is the last Sunday Selfie post before Christmas, mom thought it would be nice to let each of us do … Continue reading