We Have Our Very First Christmas Tree!

Me, Christy, sitting under my very first Christmas tree

Me, Christy, and Echo under the Christmas treeYes, we have a tree. Echo, Ocean and I have been alive and living with mom for seven Christmases and this is our very first Christmas tree. There was a good reason though, I guess, that we didn’t have one all those years. For the first five Christmases, mom was fostering kittens, lots of kittens, and knew a tree was not a good idea with all of them around.

In the beginning, we were those foster kittens. As you may know, Echo and Ocean were mom’s first two foster kitties. I came along a few weeks later. (There were several other kittens between Ocean and me.) The three of us were all a … Continue reading

14 Ways to Help Your Local Shelter or Rescue Group

Learn how to support your local animal shelter or rescue group

Because I was rescued from a high-kill shelter, it is really important to me to paw it forward to help other homeless kitties. I am one grateful girl to have been rescued and I love to tell the humans who work tirelessly to save animals how much I appreciate them. National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week is the purrfect time to do just that. Although I do not support the organization that started it, and I don’t understand how people still can, I wanted to take the time to share with you a few ways you can help your local animal shelter or rescue group. They still deserve your support even if the national organization that started the event does not. When you donate locally, you can be more certain that your donation will actually go to the animals in need.

Learn how  … <a href= Continue reading

Be the Change – Spay or Neuter – Spread the Word

Save a life graphic - spay or neuter

As an ADVO-Cat for homeless kitties, I promote and support three main issues: feral cat trap-neuter-return; adopt, don’t shop; and spay/neuter. spay-and-neuterTomorrow is National Feral Cat Day so I’ll be meowing about feral cats tomorrow. Adopt, don’t shop is a topic for the future. Today, I want to meow about spay/neuter.

Today is one of the four times a year bloggers come together to Blog the Change for Animals. In my humble kitty opinion, spaying and neutering your pets, and spreading the word of it’s importance, is the best way YOU can be the change for animals. Having all companion dogs and cats spayed or neutered is the only way to begin to end the killing in shelters of unwanted pets.

Pet Overpopulation - Be the Change  … <a href= Continue reading

We Have Birthdays and Gotcha Days!

When we came to live with mom in 2009, we were all fosters. Back then, the rescue didn’t estimate actual birthdays, only months, so none of us had even guestimated birthdays. And, in the beginning, mom didn’t keep a record of the date a kitty came to live with her while waiting for a permanent home. And, what’s even worse is, she didn’t keep a record of the date she officially adopted us.

What’s up with that? I guess back then she just didn’t think it would matter. Since I have started blogging, we see other kitties celebrating their special days and mom thought it would be nice for us to have days to celebrate. So…

Thanks to technology, mom does know the date each of us came to live with her because she photographed us all the first day and the photos are date and time stamped. Even though she didn’t officially … Continue reading

We Did It!

We Did It!

We Did It! - We Finished the Blogging A to Z ChallengeWhew! We finished the Blogging from A to Z Challenge yesterday. We had a few glitches, like when mom went out of town for a few days, but mostly, we did it! Will we do it again next year? I’m not sure. It was very tedious challenging writing six days a week (seven if we did Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head) and finding topics that applied to me. I guess that’s why it is called a challenge, but it may be too much for this cat and her old mom. Mom says maybe we need to learn to think outside the box more! I’m not sure why … Continue reading

X is a Tough Letter

Yes, indeed, X is a tough letter. There are quite a few X words but most are of the scientific variety. We pulled out theChristy on shelf DSC_0333_1265 dictionary to try to come up with something creative. About all we found was xerox, Xanax and x-ray that we could use. Even though x-ray isn’t very creative, at least I do have a story to go with it. You may have already heard the story, but you probably haven’t seen the pictures.

I was only a few weeks old when I was rescued from a shelter, and certain euthanasia, with a broken leg and tail. I was taken to a veterinary hospital where they took x-rays to see exactly what the damage was. In the x-rays, you can clearly see … Continue reading

Queen of the House

Ever since I can remember, I have been the self-declared Queen of the House. I came to the house as a foster kitty, but I soon won over my human mom and she adopted me — her third foster failure. There were hundreds of kitties after me, but no matter how many kitties came and went, I was in charge. I gladly assumed the responsibility. If it ever became too much for me, I took a break, observing and instructing from a high vantage point.

Mostly, we fostered kittens. Those brothers of mine, Echo and Ocean, were too busy playing with the kittens to teach them anything constructive. Kittens can be very trying sometimes, doing the same things over and over again. It seems like they’ll never get it. They need lots of repetition and redirection to learn. I helped them learn how to gingerly step over things when they … Continue reading

Echo’s Story

Mom loves to tell us the story of how Echo came into her life. It all began with another kitty named Topper.

Mom found Topper when he was a tiny baby. She was at the stable where her horses lived. She and a friend were walking down the stall isle when they heard pitiful little cries. They looked around and finally found him hiding among some trash cans. Mom took him home and he sat right in her lap the whole way. Mom said that was pretty amazing for a little feral kitty. He made himself at home immediately.

When Topper was about two years old, he escaped from the house. The patio screen door was open a few inches in the morning when mom got up. Either someone had left it open or he had opened it! Mom looked for him for weeks and was so sad. Her search for … Continue reading