52 Snapshots of Purple

Okay, maybe not 52, but it could be! And gray isn’t the only “color” with many shades. I try to stick close to one shade of purple but it is not easy!

I’m not quite sure when or how it happened, but somewhere along the line I decided purple was my color. Perhaps it’s because I heard purple belongs to royalty and I had declared myself queen of the house.

When we decided to start a blog, mom experimented with a lot of colors, like burgundy and blue, but I insisted on purple.

And we didn’t choose purple because it’s mom’s favorite color, because it’s not. Mom’s favorite color is green. Or blue. She’s not really sure. She always thought it was blue until we moved here. She says there are so many beautiful green pastures and hills that give her such a peaceful feeling that she’s decided green must be … Continue reading