My First Time Taking the Pet Blogger Challenge

My First Time Taking the Pet Blogger Challenge

I first read about the 2016 Pet Blogger Challenge, hosted by, a few days ago on Facebook. I answered some of these questions in my Looking Back at 2015 — My Tops and Favorites post, but it never hurts to take another look at things. I missed posting this in time to join the linkup (See #10!) but thought you might like to read the answers anyway.

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone who is visiting for the first time, please give a quick description of the subject of your blog.

I started blogging in August of 2014. Mom was doing more educational writing on three other blogs. She was having health issues and wanted to lighten things up a bit. I mostly blog about my daily life with my two … Continue reading

Sunday Selfies: Treats Make Everything Better

Good morning friends. Can you see I have my harness on? Mom has been making me wear it a lot lately. She says I have to step up mySelfie in my harness (you can barely see it) - I got treats! game so that I’ll be ready for BlogPaws next June. I was so NOT ready for this past BlogPaws in Nashville.

I’m much more comfortable in my harness now. I don’t try to run and hide when I see it come out anymore because I know I will get treats after it is on. It still feels a little funny but I’m OK with it for the most part.

Mom says the next step is to go for some rides in the car. That should be easy peasy because I was such a Continue reading

Then and Now – Beginning my Second Year of Blogging

Then and Now - Beginning my Second Year of Blogging www.christypaws.comHappy Monday, Everyone! I told you I would tell you today the results of the comment-a-thon for A-Pal Humane Society on my blogoversary post. First, mom and I want to say thank you for all the kind words. I did not reply to each comment individually as I wanted to make it easy for old mom to be able to know how many comments there are. Even though that was the plan, I forgot and replied to one and there was a reply to that. Bottom line is, there were Donation to A-Pal Humane Society - Commentathon on Blogoversary Continue reading

My Pawsome Prize from 15andmeowing

A while back, quite a while back (mom blushes with embarrassment!), my friend, Phoebe, over at 15andmeowing, had a giveaway to celebrate their one year blogoversary. Now, mom never wins anything, but I must be a lucky cat because I won this pawsome giveaway! The prize was a hand-made-with-love catnip mat and 12 crochet cat toys – one for each month they had been blogging.

The package arrived right after mom got back from BlogPaws but she wouldn’t let us open it. She said she was busy catching up and didn’t have time to do it justice right then, whatever that means. Oh, she let us check out the package, but that is as far as it went. We could tell even then that it was going to be good!

Then the next weekend was Horse Expo and more catching up. Finally, yesterday, she let us … Continue reading

Flat Me on the Job at BlogPaws

Even though we eat homemade raw food, mom is always looking for healthy raw diet alternatives. When mom thought I might come to BlogPaws, it was one of her main concerns. My raw food has to be refrigerated and I like it warm. How would she do that in the hotel room? A freeze dried food like the one Primal makes would have been a perfect solution here. It is lightweight and could be mixed with warm tap water in the hotel room. Mom was so busy talking to the folks at Primal that she forgot to get a picture.

Flat Me on the Job at BlogPaws - Grain free canned food, a raw diet alternativeAnother solution for my sensitive tummy could also be just the right … Continue reading

Home from BlogPaws

OMC! Mom has not stopped babbling about the BlogPaws Nashville conference since she got home. I’ve been trying to sort it all out so I can tell you about it, but it hasn’t been easy. She is just all over the place. Fortunately, Flat Me told you about some of the events on Thursday and Friday, so I only have a little more to tell you and lots of photos to show you.

Mom didn’t get home until late afternoon yesterday and she was exhausted so we just visited. This morning, we helped her unpack, finally, so we could see all the goodies she brought home. There are treats and toys and so much more. We sure had fun pulling all the toys out of her suitcases.

I was especially excited to see the special little packages a few of my blogging pals brought me. Thank you Lola … Continue reading

Flat Christy Reporting from BlogPaws

I’ve been doing my best to stand in for Christy here at the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville and I sure have been having a good time. We’ve met so many wonderful people, both bloggers and vendors. I thought I’d share a few photos with you so you can get an idea of what it’s like here and Christy can see what a good job I’m doing.

The mom person met some of the bloggers, kitties and vendors without me on Thursday while I stayed in the room, but I was on the job all day today, Friday.

Lexi from Dezizworld, Sophie from Kitty Cat Chronicles, and flat Christy

I met lots of bloggers and kitties including Lexi from Dezizworld and Sophie from Kitty Cat Chronicles. Dezi … Continue reading

The Making of Flat Me

Finished flat me

When we decided I was not going to go to BlogPaws, mom was sad because so many other kitties would be there and she wanted me to be with her. But I was very slow to take to the harness and mom wasn’t very consistent with my training. I went on my first walk in the yard, actually off the patio, the end of March. Here’s my video!

On my second walk in the yard, I had a really bad experience with Dieter, the dog next door who lives with mom’s friend, Kelly. I was out walking around my yard when Dieter came outside. He looked curious and we walked over near the fence. Then the most horrible thing happened. He started screeching and screaming so loud that it nearly scared me to death! I pulled and pulled on the leash. I tried to get away and Dieter started lunging … Continue reading