We Did It!

We Did It!

We Did It! - We Finished the Blogging A to Z ChallengeWhew! We finished the Blogging from A to Z Challenge yesterday. We had a few glitches, like when mom went out of town for a few days, but mostly, we did it! Will we do it again next year? I’m not sure. It was very tedious challenging writing six days a week (seven if we did Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head) and finding topics that applied to me. I guess that’s why it is called a challenge, but it may be too much for this cat and her old mom. Mom says maybe we need to learn to think outside the box more! I’m not sure why … Continue reading

X is a Tough Letter

Yes, indeed, X is a tough letter. There are quite a few X words but most are of the scientific variety. We pulled out theChristy on shelf DSC_0333_1265 dictionary to try to come up with something creative. About all we found was xerox, Xanax and x-ray that we could use. Even though x-ray isn’t very creative, at least I do have a story to go with it. You may have already heard the story, but you probably haven’t seen the pictures.

I was only a few weeks old when I was rescued from a shelter, and certain euthanasia, with a broken leg and tail. I was taken to a veterinary hospital where they took x-rays to see exactly what the damage was. In the x-rays, you can clearly see … Continue reading

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken – My Raw Food Diet

Tongue 032315 231I don’t think there is anything more basic or important to a cat than food, and I am no exception. It is definitely a motivator. Mom has to watch me because if I get a chance, I will eat anything and everything left by Echo or Ocean. I eat faster than them and sometimes push them off their food when mom turns her back! Maybe that is because our food is so delicious! You see, mom has been feeding us a raw food diet for several years now.

I know this is a controversial issue for some but it really doesn’t need to be. Miss Robin of Playful Kitty wrote a great post recently called The Debate Over the Raw Food Diet for Cats, … Continue reading

Queen of the House

Ever since I can remember, I have been the self-declared Queen of the House. I came to the house as a foster kitty, but I soon won over my human mom and she adopted me — her third foster failure. There were hundreds of kitties after me, but no matter how many kitties came and went, I was in charge. I gladly assumed the responsibility. If it ever became too much for me, I took a break, observing and instructing from a high vantage point.

Mostly, we fostered kittens. Those brothers of mine, Echo and Ocean, were too busy playing with the kittens to teach them anything constructive. Kittens can be very trying sometimes, doing the same things over and over again. It seems like they’ll never get it. They need lots of repetition and redirection to learn. I helped them learn how to gingerly step over things when they … Continue reading

Caturday Art: Polaroid

I bet you thought I was going to say P is for Purple, didn’t you? Well, of course, it is, but I’ve already done purple for Caturday Art, so I thought I would do something else. Mom was following a tutorial to get this effect and you don’t even want to know the steps. She even did a couple of things “her way” because they seemed less complicated than what the instructions said to do.

Polaroid copyThe original photo

Polaroid original

Mom says as much as she likes black and white and sepia photos, one of the world’s greatest inventions was color photography! It’s just the best.

Have … Continue reading

Ocean’s Story

When I first started blogging, I told you all about me. I’ve also told you Echo’s story, but I have never told you how Ocean came to live with us. Actually, he came before me but we are all together now!

101314_9 Ocean's Story - Another Lucky RescueOcean’s story starts in July of 2009. A young couple was driving down the street when they saw what they initially thought was a piece of paper blowing across the road. Pretty quickly, they realized it was a tiny white kitten! They got out of their car and scooped it up. They took it home and even got it a cute little blue collar. The couple named him Ocean for his blue eyes.

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