Off to Watch the Kitten Bowl

Mom forgot to have me do selfies yesterday and wants me to do them this morning! So sorry mom. This is the best you are going to get!

Christy's selfie before the Kitten BowlI have to go watch the Kitten Bowl! Are you going to watch? What team are you supporting? Here’s my trading card. I’ll be rooting for Boomer’s Bobcats. I had to, right? Their team color is purple.

Kitten Bowl trading cardGo team! Remember what this is all about, though. It is to educate folks about adopting while entertaining them. All of the kitties … Continue reading

Adopt Buddy — A-PAL Humane Society

Adopt Buddy -- Available through A-PAL Humane Society, Jackson, CAI wish that Buddy’s story was unique but it’s not. He is an owner surrender. That’s a sad situation but we don’t judge because you never know what was happening in his family to cause him to be relinquished. All that matters now is that he is safe with A-PAL Humane Society.

Buddy has actually had an adopter since his arrival at A-PAL but the adopter lived out of the area. A pilot was going to fly him to his new home but that kept falling through so he is once again available for adoption.

Buddy is a handsome, 6-year-old, long-haired, tabby, and just look at those amazing whiskers! He is very laid-back, sweet and … Continue reading

Adopt Flower Puss — A-Pal Humane Society

Adopt Flower Puss

Flower Puss is luckier than a lot of feral cats. She and three other feral females were trapped five years ago. They were all spayed and have been living at an auto center ever since as barn cats. The person who has cared for them all these years has decided it is time for Flower Puss to have the indoor-only home she deserves. He says she is just too sweet and friendly to be an outdoor barn cat. She even comes when she is called.

Adopt Flower Puss -- A-Pal Humane SocietyAs you can see, she is a beautiful, long-haired tortie lady with elegant, white whiskers and a mustache! Mom can vouch for the fact that she is sweet and friendly because she … Continue reading

Adopt Mr. White (and Hannah) and have a White Christmas!

$25 specialMom went to the Feed Barn yesterday to photograph our featured kitty for today and found two that I want to tell you about. Before I do though, I want to say that mom was pretty happy that there weren’t many kitties there! They are having a special reduced adoption fee for the holidays and it seems to be helping find kitties homes.

The first kitty I want to tell you about is Mr. White who has an all too familiar story. He is an obvious house kitty who was apparently dumped by his former owner. He is a sweet, friendly guy who had already been neutered before he was rescued. He was found living in a brush pile behind a veterinarian’s office. He had tried … Continue reading

Things Will Get Better — Available for Adoption in Jackson, CA

Things Will Get Better -- Available for Adoption in Jackson, CA -- orange and white female cat

Mom was so sad when she went to The Feed Barn this week to take photos of the available kitties from A-Pal Humane Society. There was a gorgeous orange and white girl who was found wandering the streets in Jackson. She was starving but otherwise in good condition when she was picked up. Mom was sad because she was so friendly yet no one was looking for her. We can only wonder how she became homeless.

Things Will Get Better -- Available for Adoption in Jackson, CA -- orange and white female catMom really wanted to brush that beautiful orange fur.

Things Will Get Better -- Available for Adoption in Jackson, CA -- orange and white female  … <a href= Continue reading

Help Holly Find a Home for the Holidays!

Medium to long-haired, gray, 9 months old, spayed female, Holly

Mom went to The Feed Barn on Sunday to see what kitties are still waiting for their forever homes through A-Pal Humane Society. She was excited to see that so many of the black kitties I posted about last week were adopted. She was a little sad to see, though, that beautiful Holly, that I posted about at the beginning of the month, is still patiently waiting. Of course, there are other kitties available, but Holly is the oldest so I am posting about her again. I know Holly dreams of getting out of this cage and having a loving home of her own for the holidays.

Mom spent some time with Holly on Sunday and she says she is a total love bug. She wanted … Continue reading

Are You Feeling Lucky? — National Black Cat Day

Are you feeling lucky? - #NationalBlackCatDayMom is not a superstitious person but Friday the 13th was not a good day for her. When she tried to leave a pet sitting client’s house early in the afternoon, her car would not start. She tried to start it several times then got out. When she did, she heard a dripping sound and the smell of gasoline was almost overpowering. She looked down to see a large puddle under her car. She called AAA and they told her the fire department would have to clear the car before it could be towed.

The fire truck arrived and the two firemen checked out the car. It only leaked when it was under pressure so it was good to be towed. The young lady at AAA, although very sweet, was new and didn’t know how to handle … Continue reading

Available for Adoption: Benny, Checkers and Holly

Short-haired, black and white, spayed female, 6 months old

We’ve had a little trouble getting a system in place to post A-Pal Humane Society‘s adoptables each week but I think mom has finally worked it out. The Feed Barn in Jackson has a pet room where the adoptable kitties stay so people can come see and interact with them. Mom will go to the Feed Barn every Sunday afternoon or Monday to photograph the kitties that didn’t get adopted over the weekend. I will feature the ones who have been waiting to find a forever home the longest.

Available for Adoption

Benny is a formal feral colony cat. A severe infection caused him to lose one of his eyes but that doesn’t stop him from doing anything a young, 6-month old kitty would do. He is sweet and playful. This non-aggressive kitty will make a great companion if you have other cats.

Checkers is also … Continue reading