A Bit of News and Some Sunday Selfies

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Hi Friends! I know I haven’t been around much but I sure think about you all and hope you are well and happy. I wanted to write and give you a little update on what has been happening with us. It also ended up being a little walk down memory lane through Instagram.

The weather here has been just awful with so much rain, hail, wind, and even a little snow. Mom says there has been a lot of flooding here in Northern California — thank catness we are not too close to it. And we will probably get lots more rain through the spring. At least this means our drought is pretty much over, but all this bad weather means mom hasn’t taken me out in the car or even taken me for a walk in my stroller.

Echo, Ocean and I have spent a lot of our time trying to stay warm, because when it is cold out, mom just doesn’t keep the heater high enough. Every once in a while we have wonderful sun puddles that even get so warm we eventually have to move away, but most of the time it is dark and dreary.

On those days, I think a lot about the feral kitties that live in our neighborhood and how lucky we are. I am so grateful for mom’s fake fireplace heater first thing in the morning.

Soon after mom gets up, the big heater in the living room comes on and we all move in there to lounge in front of it.

Once the house is warmed up and the heater doesn’t come on much anymore, we all move to a snugly bed – some are even heated. Yes, we are very lucky kitties. I wish all kitties had a safe, warm home with a loving mom.

The only real news from us kitties is that Echo is going on a road trip. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Echo had to go to the vet to have his teeth checked.

Turns out, he has some bad teeth that need to be pulled. The vets here are so much more expensive than my vet in Southern California that mom has decided to take him there like she did with me when we were on our road trip. She said she’d rather spend the extra money visiting some friends than giving it to the vet. They’ll be heading down in a couple of weeks and I’ll be stuck here with Ocean. He better not pick on me!

Since it’s Sunday, I took some selfies for you. In fact, I decided that since we hadn’t been around in such a long time, I’d let Echo and Ocean take selfies, too. Can you tell it is sunny today? Don’t let it fool you. It’s is supposed to snow tonight!

Just dropping in to say hi and give you a bit of an update on what's been happening with us. We are also joining in for Sunday Selfies.

Love to all of you from the three of us!

Christy Paws, Ocean and Echo

I’m joining my friends at The Cat on My Head for the Sunday Selfies blog hop. Click on the link or badge to see more.

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32 Responses to A Bit of News and Some Sunday Selfies

  1. We haven’t visited in awhile, but we wanted to drop in to say hello and to let you know we are trying to reconnect with all of our friends now that Mom Paula has retired.

    Come visit us.

    Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula

  2. I think here winter never arrived. It was not cold but not warm. I hope winter will not arrive in summer and mess up everything. I lost also a few teeth. My sister Fientje had surgery and they removed a cyste.
    Hope everything is well with you and your mom.


    • Christy Paws says:

      Good to hear from you, Billy, and get the update. I’m not sure our winter will ever end — although it is not technically over for another couple of weeks.

  3. Dash Kitten says:

    It’s good to see you the selfies guys! Hope your mum enjoys her trip, it sounds a good way to deal with the expense if you ask me!

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    How nice to hear from you, sweet pals! We are glad you’re all doing pretty well. We’re purring and praying for Echo, and hope the dental work is successful, and the healing is quick.

    Big hugs!

  5. Mee-you Christy it soundss like it was a chilley Winter fur you even beein inn Callyfornia! Yur lookin beeuteefull purr usual an so cozy inn thee sunpuddless….
    Wee hopess Ocean an Echo are doin well all so. Fankss fur emailin us. LadyMum iss berry sick an cranky an on Aunty-bye-otickss…shee can hardlee take care of us! Mee reel worried!!
    Wee iss happy that all of youss’ are doin well.
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  6. Hi, great to see what is happening in your life. The world weather sure isn’t being kind to many folks these days, and being winter really doesnt help with feeling happy and warm. Lovely selfies of you all. Stay safe and well. Purrs, Erin

  7. It’s great to get an update from you, Christy! We heard about your awful weather! Your mom takes such good care of you all and we wish her and Echo a safe journey to the north.

  8. Flynn says:

    It’s lovely to see you all. I hope your weather improves. It is cold wet and windy here as well.

  9. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dood….sorree ta lurn bout yur teeth; road trip a side; pleez due knot let de vet keep em coz if ya brink em home N put em under a pillow they will tern ther selvez in 50$ and 100 $….troo lee ~~~~~~ hope all goes well N itz grate ta see everee one again…whitefish wavez frum de land oh trout ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  10. great seeing all of you and everyone looks meowvelous!

  11. Athena says:

    It’s been crazy weather here too.

    Love your photos!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  12. Summer says:

    You guys have been having some crazy wet weather up north! It’s been rainy down here too, but nothing like what you’ve had. I’m glad everybody is hanging in there – I hope Echo doesn’t have too bad a time at the SoCal vet.

  13. Ellen Pilch says:

    Nice to see you all. Sorry that Echo needs to get some teeth removed- the Tooth Fairy will have to send a gift.

    • Christy Paws says:

      Nice to be here! Mom says she doesn’t think she ever thanked the tooth fairy for the goodies she sent me and she is very embarrassed about it. So I’m thanking the tooth fairy now.

  14. Beautiful pictures of all of you! Hopefully it will be only warm weather ahead … with no extra vet visits!

  15. Great selfies! Hope da road trip goes well.

  16. It’s so nice to hear from you, Christy. We’re glad you and Echo and Ocean…and your mom too…are doing well. We’re sorry to hear Echo is having some teef problems, though. We’re purring that all goes well with his vet visit.

  17. Hi Christie. You have a wonderful post here and its so good to see what’s happening with you and the family.

    Take Care my friend. You look fantabulous girl.


  18. Kitties Blue says:

    Christy, Echo, Ocean and Mom Ava, we have really missed all of you. Mom just doesn’t think to go to Instagram very often. Will you be coming to BlogPaws this year? We know it’s a very long trip. We were delighted to see you on the hop and to find out everyone is well (except for Echo’s’s teeth issues). Take good care of yourselves. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    • Christy Paws says:

      Sadly, the trip is too long for me so mom decided she would not go this year. She has really gotten involved with her other blog and is going to two conferences for it — both in California.

  19. we’ve missed you guys! Pawsome selfies. I hope your weather improves. Mother Nature sure has been nutty this winter. Purring for Echo and the dental visit!

  20. Deziz World says:

    It’s good to see ya’ll. We’ve missed ya’. Sorry ’bout all da bad weather. We’ve had springlike weather fur a couple of weeks, but it turned terribly cold again da other night. We’re sendin’ hugs and purrayers fur all. Hope da VET visit goes well. Mommy fur sure knows ’bout those nasty teeth purroblems.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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