National Feral Cat Day 2015 — The Evolution of the Cat Revolution

Eartipped community cat from Alley Cat Allies

NFCD2015_1020x230Do you have feral (also called community) cats in your neighborhood? I know we do. There are feral cat colonies all over the world. Some areas embrace these cats and truly treat them as “community” cats. In other places, they are hunted down and taken to shelters where they are killed because they are not socialized to people and are therefore unadoptable.

This outdated method of managing feral colonies is cruel and it doesn’t work. Cats live in an area where there is a food source and shelter. When cats are removed from an area, others just move in.

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Be the Change – Spay or Neuter – Spread the Word

Save a life graphic - spay or neuter

As an ADVO-Cat for homeless kitties, I promote and support three main issues: feral cat trap-neuter-return; adopt, don’t shop; and spay/neuter. spay-and-neuterTomorrow is National Feral Cat Day so I’ll be meowing about feral cats tomorrow. Adopt, don’t shop is a topic for the future. Today, I want to meow about spay/neuter.

Today is one of the four times a year bloggers come together to Blog the Change for Animals. In my humble kitty opinion, spaying and neutering your pets, and spreading the word of it’s importance, is the best way YOU can be the change for animals. Having all companion dogs and cats spayed or neutered is the only way to begin to end the killing in shelters of unwanted pets.

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Remembering Hollywood Nights — Part 1

When Miss Deb of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles invited folks to participate in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, mom and I said yes right away. She has been wanting me to write a post about her soul kitty, Hollywood, for some time and this seemed like the purrfect opportunity. Now you might think that this would bother me, that mom had another soul kitty (can you have more than one in a Thumbnail-Rainbow-Bridge-Day1lifetime?) but it doesn’t. In fact, mom has told me many stories about her and Hollywood is a bit of an inspiration to me.

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It’s My Blogoversary!

Blogoversary and Comment-a-thon for A-Pal Humane SocietyHello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I am one excited kitty today. I can hardly believe it, but I have been blogging for one whole year. That’s a long time in the life of a cat! When I first started blogging, I never really gave it a thought as to why I was doing it and it has been a bit of a walk down memory lane figuring it all out. But, before I get started (I might get long-winded) please help yourselves to some refreshments.

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Caturday Art: 200 Posts!

Wow! Can you believe it? This is my 200th post. And what better way to celebrate than with a special graphic for Caturday Art. Here’s what mom and I came up with for today in Photoshop Elements.

200 posts copy

I have had so much fun being here with all of you and getting to know some of you. I am happy and grateful to call so many of you friends.

Have a celebratory day!

Christy Paws

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Happy Birthday, Mom

I told mom she could take the day off today since it is her birthday. She says we are so far behind in visiting that we may do some of that today. We really enjoy doing that together!

One of mom’s favorite things is gardening. Right now she’s headed outside to play in her little garden by the deck where she is planting her herbs. She and Kelly put a little fence around it so it is deer proof! She’s also finally planting my catnip. The poor plants keep wilting in those tiny little pots. I hope she makes us catnip tea today!

Happy birthday, mom pizap

Wishing mom a very happy day!

Christy Paws

Gotcha Day/Birthday Celebration Recap

Saturday was just a purrfect day! Lots of my friends stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and Echo and Ocean a happy gotcha day. The evening was very quiet with no fireworks boomers.

Mom was here with us most of the day except when she went to see her pet sitting kitties. On the way back from her morning visits, she wanted to stop and get us a little treat to add to the celebration. She was going to get us some new kitty grass but the pet store was out! Bummer. We have lots of toys but she said she figured that was the next best thing.

When she got home, she laid the toys out to take a picture and Ocean claimed them immediately – before she even got them open or the tags off.

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