They Are All Adopted!

Mom cat with three kittens

Good morning friends and furiends. I am so excited, I am doing the happy dance here. When mom went to the Feed Barn yesterday to photograph the kitties, there weren’t any there! That’s right NONE. All of A-PAL Humane Society‘s kitties have been adopted, even Flower Puss who was still there last week.

They don’t expect to have any more kitties until kitten season starts in the spring and those won’t be ready for adoption until summer. That is so different from when we lived in Southern California in a much warmer (in the winter) and more populated area where kitten season never ended and strays were picked up all the time. The rescue there always had hundreds of kitties. It’s so great that all the adults have been adopted because once there are kittens the adults … Continue reading

Adopt Mr. White (and Hannah) and have a White Christmas!

$25 specialMom went to the Feed Barn yesterday to photograph our featured kitty for today and found two that I want to tell you about. Before I do though, I want to say that mom was pretty happy that there weren’t many kitties there! They are having a special reduced adoption fee for the holidays and it seems to be helping find kitties homes.

The first kitty I want to tell you about is Mr. White who has an all too familiar story. He is an obvious house kitty who was apparently dumped by his former owner. He is a sweet, friendly guy who had already been neutered before he was rescued. He was found living in a brush pile behind a veterinarian’s office. He had tried … Continue reading

Are You Feeling Lucky? — National Black Cat Day

Are you feeling lucky? - #NationalBlackCatDayMom is not a superstitious person but Friday the 13th was not a good day for her. When she tried to leave a pet sitting client’s house early in the afternoon, her car would not start. She tried to start it several times then got out. When she did, she heard a dripping sound and the smell of gasoline was almost overpowering. She looked down to see a large puddle under her car. She called AAA and they told her the fire department would have to clear the car before it could be towed.

The fire truck arrived and the two firemen checked out the car. It only leaked when it was under pressure so it was good to be towed. The young lady at AAA, although very sweet, was new and didn’t know how to handle … Continue reading

14 Ways to Help Your Local Shelter or Rescue Group

Learn how to support your local animal shelter or rescue group

Because I was rescued from a high-kill shelter, it is really important to me to paw it forward to help other homeless kitties. I am one grateful girl to have been rescued and I love to tell the humans who work tirelessly to save animals how much I appreciate them. National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week is the purrfect time to do just that. Although I do not support the organization that started it, and I don’t understand how people still can, I wanted to take the time to share with you a few ways you can help your local animal shelter or rescue group. They still deserve your support even if the national organization that started the event does not. When you donate locally, you can be more certain that your donation will actually go to the animals in need.

Learn how  … <a href= Continue reading

It’s My Blogoversary!

Blogoversary and Comment-a-thon for A-Pal Humane SocietyHello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I am one excited kitty today. I can hardly believe it, but I have been blogging for one whole year. That’s a long time in the life of a cat! When I first started blogging, I never really gave it a thought as to why I was doing it and it has been a bit of a walk down memory lane figuring it all out. But, before I get started (I might get long-winded) please help yourselves to some refreshments.

Last year, mom was recovering from surgery and going through chemotherapy. She was writing for her two other blogs, Horse Buzz A-Z and Savvy Pet Care, as well as the rescue’s blog. She had joined BlogPaws in June of 2013 for the … Continue reading

Friday’s Featured Feline: Phoebe

Phoebe - available for adoption

Meet Phoebe

I didn’t get much information about this gorgeous girl so I am letting each picture of her speak 1,000 words. Phoebe is available for adoption from A-Pal Humane Society in Jackson, CA. Contact them at 209-223-0410.

Here’s what A-Pal told us about her:

Phoebe is a 6-year-old dilute calico. She was turned in at the animal shelter as a stray so we do not know much about her other than she is very sweet.

[tweetthis]Sweet Phoebe, 6-yr-old dilute calico, is available for adoption in Jackson, CA[/tweetthis]

Kudo’s to a Great Team

Here’s another picture worth a thousand words.


In May, A-Pal shared this graph on their Facebook page with this caption:

Through the hard work and dedication of Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center‘s staff and volunteers, … Continue reading

Friday’s Featured Feline: Spookie

Here I am with my very first kitty from A-Pal Humane Society in Jackson, CA. I’m excited to be an Advo-Cat for this terrific rescue organization and hope to make a difference in helping place their available kitties.

Adopt Spookie

Meet Spookie who is anything but — just look at that face!

Here’s what A-Pal has to say about him.

This handsome 8-year-old boy wants nothing more than to be petted. He is a real lover boy who would make a great lap cat. Spookie has had some bladder issues and needs to be fed Hills CD diet, but other than that he is healthy and happy and ready to go to his new forever home. Stop by the Feed Barn in Jackson if you would like to meet him.

Friday's Featured Feline: Adopt Spookie Continue reading

Cat with a Cause! A-Pal Humane Society

A-Pal Humane Society Won't You Help Us Poster

BlogtheChangeSince we moved from southern California late last year, I have been a cat without a cause. I had been an Advo-Cat for the rescue that saved my life and got me the surgery I needed. I have been trying to connect with a new rescue to represent because part of my mission is to pay it forward and help other kitties find loving, forever homes. It has taken a while but we have finally made the connection and now I am an Advo-Cat for A-Pal Humane Society! I am very excited about this. Each Friday, I will share with you one of their kitties. I hope you’ll help me with my mission by sharing these cats.

A-Pal Humane Society has a surprisingly long history in Amador County. In 1978 a group of animal … Continue reading