Let ’em Eat Grass

Cat grassBefore mom headed back down to southern California to pack up the rest of our belongings, she started some kitty grass (yes, I know the container says birdie grass) for us on the windowsill. Mom hasn’t grown us grass in a very long time and, as an indoor cat, that’s the only time I get it.

It grew quite nicely while she was gone and is now ready for us. Since it is in a cardboard container, it is not very heavy. Mom didn’t want to just give it to us to munch on because she knew the boys would just turn it over or pull it out and make a mess with it. So, instead, she snips it over our raw food just like chives on … Continue reading

Treat or no Treat?

Mom has been in a quandary over cat treats for a while now. Store bought treats are very expensive (pound for Can we maintain a healthy body and eat cat treats?pound) and have so many chemicals and other bad things in them. They are full of carbohydrates because that is what holds them together. As an obligate carnivore (that means we only eat meat), my body doesn’t handle carbohydrates well.

So what about homemade cat treats? At least that way, she knows exactly what’s in them. Periodically, she’ll do a search for recipes looking for the perfect one, and when she sees one on Pinterest, she adds it to her treat recipe board. But even most homemade treats have lots of carbohydrates in them.

Mom feeds us … Continue reading