6 + 1 Essential Raw Diet Supplements for Cats

Essential raw food supplements for cats

Essential Raw Diet Supplements for CatsMost kitty parents have at least heard that kitties are “obligate carnivores” but do you really know what that means? Quite simply, it means that we are meat eaters. It means we eat meat and only meat (including organs and bones). We don’t need fiber. Our bodies aren’t designed for it. We don’t have the enzyme needed to digest it and so fiber can cause digestive issues. That includes all those grains you find in commercial pet food as well as those fruits and vegetables. I know, you think if fruits and vegetables are good for you they must be good for us, but, no. Now, I know the next thing you are probably going to say is, “but what about the grains in the stomach’s … Continue reading

First Impressions of the Natural Prey Model Raw Diet

Ocean with raw chicken thigh bone

Yesterday I was doing some research for a post I am writing for tomorrow and I came across a raw feeding site that promotes the natural prey model. What is that you ask? Well, it means that kitties are fed a combination of a variety of whole, raw, small carcasses, (for example small game hens, chickens, duck, quail, rabbits, mice, rats and/or fish). Obviously, they don’t suggest you feed a whole chicken but rather a piece of the chicken, without cutting it up or grinding it.

Mom has read about this before and thought perhaps she could give it a try as a treat if we could eat outside, but since we can’t, she never gave us anything but our chunked and ground food. She’s pretty savvy and knew the very first thing we would do is pull the whole thing off the plate onto the floor. Since she was getting ready … Continue reading

Cats and Water – 8 ways to get them to drink more

Friends and furiends, today I want to talk to you about a very important subject: water. It is second in importance to our survival only next to oxygen, yet many of us don’t drink much of it. We just don’t seem to have a strong drive to drink. Why is that, you wonder? It is because, in nature, we would get most of our water from our food. If we got our water from our food, we wouldn’t need to drink much water. Cats drinking water — it’s just not in our nature. Quite a conundrum, isn’t it?

I know there are some outdoor kitties who do hunt for their own food, but that is not the case for most pet cats and especially for those of us who are pampered, indoor kitties. I, for one, wouldn’t know what to do with a real, live mouse. I mean, I could hunt … Continue reading

Flat Me on the Job at BlogPaws

Even though we eat homemade raw food, mom is always looking for healthy raw diet alternatives. When mom thought I might come to BlogPaws, it was one of her main concerns. My raw food has to be refrigerated and I like it warm. How would she do that in the hotel room? A freeze dried food like the one Primal makes would have been a perfect solution here. It is lightweight and could be mixed with warm tap water in the hotel room. Mom was so busy talking to the folks at Primal that she forgot to get a picture.

Flat Me on the Job at BlogPaws - Grain free canned food, a raw diet alternativeAnother solution for my sensitive tummy could also be just the right … Continue reading

Raw Food Diet — Easier than You Think!

My raw food diet is paw licking good!

My raw food diet is paw licking good!As you may know, mom has fed us a raw food diet for several years now. We posted the diet and how to make it a few weeks ago. Since then, mom has been asked by several people if she has a recipe for a smaller amount that doesn’t use a grinder, so last week she made a small batch so she could show you how to do it. The process is really very much the same.Supplements for a raw food diet

Measure out your supplements and dissolve them in the … Continue reading

Waste Not, Want Not

C&O with chicken treatsWhen mom first started making us raw food*, she left all the skin on the chicken. After a few months of eating this delicious concoction, we all started getting a little fluffy, as mom called it. A review of the website that the recipe came from said to remove some of the skin from the chicken if that happened.

Back then, mom was making 30+ pounds of food at a time. So by the time she removed about a third of the skin, that was a lot of skin. She hated to see it go to waste but didn’t know what she could do with it. She thought about the dogs she had as pet sitting clients and wondered if she could … Continue reading

What’s the Big Deal About Bacon?

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve seen Sammy (one spoiled cat) talking about bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon! He seems obsessed with it and others seem to share his enthusiasm for it.

I had never had bacon, so I asked mom about it. She said she never cooks it at home unless it’s as an ingredient for greens. She loves it but usually only has it when she goes out for breakfast. She said it’s not very good for you and too messy to cook at home. I think that’s just an excuse so I kept asking her about it.

Well, my bugging finally paid off. She cooked some for breakfast yesterday and saved us a piece!

OMC! How could she have been keeping this from me all this time?

I have a feeling it’ll be a while before we get it again but at least we got to try … Continue reading

What’s in Your Litter?

Mom wants me to write a post about cat litter. Cat litter? Really? It seems to be important to her so I agreed.

This all came about because mom loves to garden. The condo we lived in had no room for a garden but mom still always had a few herbs on the kitchen counter. Occasionally, there was even some fresh catnip or grass for us.

Other places she lived before the condo all had small areas where she could have a garden and she did what she could there. She even tried to have a garden in the ghost town in the high desert in Nevada where she lived for five years. She had lots of space but no real soil. She composted and composted and composted until after about three years she had a decent little patch of dirt. Finally, that year she had some tomatoes and squash … Continue reading