Petco – More than Costumes

If you read my post, Hard Decisions, you know that mom is trying to find new homes for some of my adopted Petco - More than Costumes - Fontana available for adoptionbrothers and sisters. MeoowzResQ had their regular Sunday adoption event at the Petco in Anaheim yesterday so mom took Fontana to see if someone might see her and fall in love. Fontana is a beautiful Siamese mix with gorgeous blue eyes — almost as striking as mine! She is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle. You can read more about her here. She was really scared at first but mom held her for a while and she realized it wasn’t so bad there. Unfortunately, it was a really slow day … Continue reading

I Need a Travel Carrier

Christy Paws - I Need a Travel CarrierMom has halfheartedly been looking for a new travel carrier for me for a while now. By that, I mean that if she happened to be passing a pet store, she would go in and look. So far, she hasn’t found what she wants. She wants a soft carrier on wheels since I am a pretty big girl. I weigh 11 pounds – solid as a rock – no fat here. Well, maybe a little flab since I probably don’t get enough exercise. Mom says she hopes to change the exercise thing for all of us, including her, after we move. But I digress. Back to the carrier.

We have a hard carrier that Echo will use for our trip to … Continue reading

Hearts and Harnesses

Ocean takes over - Hearts and Harnesses

A Heartfelt Thank You

First off today, I want to apologize to my friend Dezi for failing to thank her for the award she gave me last week. I feel especially honored to receive this award since my blog is pretty new. It is really special to be recognized and acknowledged by your friends.

one-blog-lovely-award - Hearts and Harnesses

Since I am so new to the blogging world and the kitty blogosphere, I am still finding my way around and discovering all the wonderful blogs out there. So, rather than participating in nominating other blogs, I’ll just say thank you to Dezi and Lexi at Dezizworld. And, frankly, with all the commotion mom has going on right now, I can’t even think of seven things you don’t know about me. … Continue reading

Ramping up Harness Training for the Big Change

Mom seems to be ramping up how much she makes me wear the harness. She was kind of slacking for a while Ramping up the harness training for the big changebecause she wasn’t feeling well, and when she was, she was busy. But now, she says, our big change (she still hasn’t told us what that is) is coming soon and she wants me to be walking on a leash.

I still kind of get stuck in place when she puts it on. When I do get up and walk around, it’s like I can’t stand up and I slink around. I see mom grinning and I hear her chuckling when I do this, even though she tries to hide it. I don’t think it is one bit amusing.

She’s … Continue reading

Do Hummingbirds Count as Wildlife?

Since I’m a city cat who lives strictly indoors, I don’t get to see a lot of wildlife. All the wildlife I know about is from television and, of course, the internet.

Even though mom keeps the windows and patio door open most of the time, not many critters come to visit. It seems like there were a lot more birds in previous years but this year has been pretty bleak.

The one thing we have really enjoyed this year is our neighbors hummingbird feeders. We live in a condominium so Watching hummingbirdsour neighbor’s patio is right over our patio fence. The hummers would buzz through and around our patio on their way next door and we would lay by the patio door to watch them. If we were really lucky there … Continue reading

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day. It was Sunday so we all slept in a little. Then we had breakfast and I took a nap. After my nap, the best part happened. Mom went in the kitchen to make us a new batch of raw food. She has been feeding us raw food that she makes herself for about three years now. You can read how this came about and how she makes it here. Even Echo, who can be a picky eater, loves it!

Oh, I almost forgot the not so perfect part of the day. I’m still not doing great on the harness, so mom said she figured if she puts it on at meal times, I’ll walk around with it, distracted, since I like food so much. So, on it went, this time with the leash attached. She was pretty much right. I didn’t really forget … Continue reading

Kittens Growing Up Together

Echo and Oceam

As kittens growing up together, my adopted brothers, Echo and Ocean, and I were very close, but not as close as they were, and are, to each other. As I told you in my introduction, I was mom’s third foster failure. Echo was #1 and Ocean was #2. Even after I came along, and no matter how many foster kitties were in the house, they were pretty much inseparable. You could almost always find them sleeping together.

They don’t cuddle much anymore but you will still usually find them near one another. It is kind of funny actually. They lay about three feet away from each other, which is exactly what they are doing right now.

Since I was young and still a little insecure when I first came into the home, I always tried to cuddle with one of the bigger boys. They accepted me right away and took good care … Continue reading

Let Me Introduce Myself

Christy Paws

Christy Paws with castMy first recollection of life is from August of 2009. I was in a cage in a very scary place in a lot of pain. I was just a few weeks old but I had a broken leg and tail. I heard them talking about me and no one knew how it happened or how I got there. They talked about something called euthanasia if a rescue didn’t save me. I didn’t know what that meant then, but my human mom has told me about it since and I guess I’m a very lucky kitty.

I was a pretty cute kitten, if I do say so myself, and I just wanted to love on everyone even though I was in pain. The shelter staff asked Continue reading